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    Hello I just recently picked up Horizons. I played it on release through a friends accont. i got bored with everything else and thought i would have a go at horizons again.. but i cant figure outhow to spendmy training points. Im just wondering how to spec a dragon. Thanks

    Kulshedra DarkEmber of Chaos

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    honestly, you'd probably be best served by getting into a live discussion in dragon channel on your server. if you don't know/remember how to do that, right-click on your chat window and select "browse player chat channels...", find dragon and double-click on it

    there are plenty of varied theories that depend on your play style, so it's best to get some feedback from other dragons live, as they'll have questions for you, too, hopefully.

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    for a starting dragon, for now just spend half the points in primal, and the other half split between strength and t&c. If you are missing the mobs alot with claw attacks, move some points out of strength and into t&c.

    By the time you get older, you'll have developed your own style of play and can tailor them accordingly. Points can be moved around, but only so much at a time. takes a week to 10 days to completely reorganize them if you wanted to.

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    As a low level dragon, I did as Guaran said and split my TP's 50/50 between primal and TC and *maybe* some in strength. Later on, you can get + primal skill quests that add to your base primal skill, allowing you to take out some point from primal (those + primal skill quests also apply to + TC skill quests).

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