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Thread: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

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    Default oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    i clicked on the event link from the home page and it was posted last week about this event.

    so how do we do it

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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    Well, the WM's spawn a half dozen lvl 90+ Blighted Festival Treants in a random location. Could be someplace in the fronteir, or in the middle of town where you are AFK or just recalled to go AFK. You kill them and loot them. They drop peices of themselves. You have to collect one of every treant body part, and return it to a druid in Mahagra.
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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    yes and hope that you dont play on unity ^^

    else it seems to be an interesting event, not really balanced but a nice thing to participate

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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    I ran accross a cluster of level 12 to 15 blighted festival treants last night while out hunting cedar treants.

    I was out in the middle of nowhere trust me....

    At any rate I managed to kill them all and the experience rate was amazing (750 ep forone L13 !). [H]

    I found upon them some treant parts and blighted festival blue orniments.

    Im not sure if this was part of the event or not but it was an exciting moment at any rate. Im pretty sure one of the treants had a name [8-)]

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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    Save the treant parts! [;)]
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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingOtter
    Save the treant parts! [img]/Web//emoticons/emotion-5.gif[/img]
    I save everything just about even though I dont know what to do with them (except logs and sand LOL).

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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    Maybe one day I'll actually see one of these blighted treants. They seem to be spawned and killed before I can log on. I was on all last weekend but near as I can tell not a one spawned then. If they're going to spawn stuff by hand they can't keep doing it the same time every day. This kind of sucks.

    Well, I guess they CAN do whatever they like. Still sucks though.

    Near as I can tell the reward isn't anything to get excited about unless you like shoulder buddies. Otherwise I'd be flaming mad.

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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    We've been monitoring the shards and since the start of the event there has not been a time when blighted treants have not been roaming somewhere in Istaria.

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    Default Re: oh ummm what's this "unexpected lunacy" event

    There pretty ******** good at hiding. I spent several hours wandering all over. I ran from mithril's anvil all the way to the spiral in western deadlands. Was so bored I tried killing Kaa while a 100 other mobs were on me.

    And the few I did find are teir 2 :(

    How long is this event? I hope a very longtime........


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