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    So I bought a lair. Set it to Guild only as my fellow guildies suggested...
    But the thing is, I don't want to let the entire guild have access to everything, yet I would like to let a few people in the guild have access to various silos / halls etc.
    But I can't do that. It's an all guild or no guild.
    That got me to thinking...

    Something that really bugs the hell out of me are permissions on a plot / lair. I mean it really *really* bugs me.
    We can only own one plot/lair per account. If our alts are not guilded in the same guild, or guilded at all - unless I set my plot/lair to "Friends only", my own characters can't access the structures.
    But if I do that, then I can't seem to have "Public" machines. If you're not on the friends list, you can't use them. Since this would apply to 99.9% of the community... A friends only setting on a lair is a no-no.

    It's not so much a rant, as it is a "Why??"
    It makes FAR more sense to set the plot/lair to public - and INDIVIDUAL STRUCTURES to Friends Only / Guild / Deny All.
    It would allow guilds to give selective access to silos, if such a thing were needed. (You really want to let a newcomer you don't know yet at all the stuff in your guild silos?)
    It would allow me to let someone I hired for construction use my silos.
    It would allow me to set structures up that my alternates can use.
    It would allow me to let everyone use the machines.

    It just makes sense.

    Maybe I'm wrong, and I can have public structures on a Friends Only setting, but as far as I understand it, if the lair is set to Friends only, anyone not on your friends list has no access to structures or machines in there, even if you set it to allow all.
    It will allow all... IF the "All" is contained on your friends list. That's just idiotic. :)

    Basically, I think we could use an extra setting: "Public" which would mean you don't have to be on any list to access it.

    I used to think people locked machines on purpose... I now think it's not by choice. It's because the plot is set to friends only so their alternates can access silos and halls etc.

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    You've got me confused, man. Last time I actually checked setting on my plot, it was exactly as you just suggested..with plot being able to be set to all/guild/friends, and the individual structures being able tobe set all/guild/friends. In fact, we had a small problem in my guild last week because of that. One guildmate had placed some resources on anothers silo, then the silo's owner had moved them because they had some sort of resource location system for their silos, then the resource owner couldn't get them back because the 2nd silos had never been set for guild membes.

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    Default Re: Permissions...

    Only way I know to differentiate is to set a friends list for the entire lair or leave it for allow all, then those rooms you want for guild only, specify as guild only. Those you don't want for the guild or for everyone, you'd have to deny all.

    There is no friends list for individual structuers, only Deny All, Guild Only, or Allow All.
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    Yeah I know C`gan, that's where the problem lies, sort of.
    Because there is no way to set individual structures for friends only, most plots/lairs are set to Guild only/Allow All. But that means your OWN characters on the same account are denied access to them if they are not in the same guild, or you have your silos set to deny all.

    I'd like to see it that at least all characters on your own account have full access to your plot by default.

    I'm pretty sure if people could set up silos with permission for specific people, regardless of what the plot/lair is set to, this would be a very welcome development.

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    I never understood why the characters of one account don't automaticaly have the same rights as the one who owns the plot. Say an account plot instead of a character plot. I mean 1 account 1 plot isn't it?
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    I see what you are saying, but that's something of a can of worms, I think. Especially when you figure in the legacy stuff and how the guild permissions work.

    Think of a player with multiple characters that are not in the same guild. When a character purchases a guild plot, this could open up guild resources for non-guild members, which may or may not be a problem to some.

    A plot or structure can only have a single permission setting (in current form.) Even if the ability to have a friends list was incorporated at the structure level, many players, I think, (me included)would want to have some combination of "Guild Only" and "Friends." Having to add all the indviduals of a guild under a friends list at the individual structure level would quickly become unweildy, for both a player and keeping track of in a database.

    I do think this issue can be addressed in a much more satisfactory manner. Just need more think time on it.
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    Yes, it would need to be an additional setting.
    But even a "Public" setting for machines only would already help, I think.
    I know where you're coming from, FleshRoast, and I do agree.
    Basically, I'd say have 2 seperate sets of permissions.
    One for Lair/Plot (i.e. Guild/DenyAll/Friends)
    One for structures (i.e. Guild/Friends/Public/DenyAll)

    Lair/Plot permissions should not be able to override Structure permissions, but individual Structure/Machine permissions should be able to override Lair/Plot permissions.
    And in a way it already does that...

    I set my Lair to Guild Only. Any structure I build pops with the "Deny All" setting, altho I've set my lair to Guild Only. Now I am given the option to set the structure to Guild Only, or leave it at Deny All.
    If I set my Lair to Friends only, the structure pops as Deny All, and I can now set it to Friends only if I wish to let someone in. But at the same time, the machines are... friends only that way as well. Which is daft.

    Yes, I agree, for guild plots it would suck royally if the guild only setting were removed (which is NOT what I am proposing). But if you have a house where you store T4+ Tech components, then a friends list which contains only the officers (for instance) who can remove these, would just mean if someone wants it, they will need to ask.
    I'm just giving this as an example.
    I'd *love* to see a "Browse storage" (which really only lets you look) and "Remove from Storage" setting (which would let you take out/put in) for halls/houses/lairs/libraries etc but that is never going to happen.

    Basically, at the moment it's an All or Nothing kind of thing.
    We've had things... disappear. There is no way to say who removed it and when things mount up... it kind of smarts a bit.

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    A permission option i realy need is to have one structure by list and an other allow all at same time. Currently i only can use list on a building by change it for the plot, but at the same time it is impossible to have a building open for public.
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    Default Re: Permissions...

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

    4 settings for structures - DenyAll, List, Guild, Public
    Deny All should be a default option anyway until you change it.

    Plot Permissions shouldn't override Structure permissions.
    By all means have the plot set to "Guild Only" but being able to have a silo in there which is "List" or <gasp> "Public" would mean the world to people.
    I still don't understand why machines should be locked when you set the plot to friends only.
    I've not met a single person who would lock a machine to *anyone* but a friends only option locks it to anyone not on the list and they can't use it.

    That's just incredibly idiotic. [:S]

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