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Thread: Bypass Downloads?

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    Default Bypass Downloads?

    I've been trying, rather unsuccesfully this week, to use the Elven Way interface as I much prefer the green over the brown. But for some reason this week *every* time I log in I have to download the files I've just changed, thus removing the interface.

    I can understand it happening on tuesday/wednesday after a publish but I was only in game a few hours ago and it had already downloaded everything. Is there an excessive amount of hotfixes going on that I don't know about or just it just trying to drive me nuts?

    I have tried unchecking boxes on the webpage and using the stand alone launcher but I don't seem to be able to escape the download :(

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    the interface needs to be installed in Horizons\resources_override\Resources rather Horizons\Resources in order to be patch-proof.
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    Thanks, I'll try that.

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