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Thread: ceremonial chest scale is all wrong.......

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    Cool ceremonial chest scale is all wrong.......

    ok im starting this threadin hopes that we can get some feedback on this chest scale

    here is what i see wrong with it

    1) and the most is not a chest scale in which they designed it is a tail scale that takes uo the chest slot. if you put it side by side with another chest scale or tail scale you will see what il talking about

    2) this shouldn't take up a chest slot anyways. you must be a level 100 dragon to wear it so why is it not on your tail or at very minimum your back.

    3) we all know the block but what are they going to put on it that i wouls like to know because if it stays a chest slot then add primal vengence and t&c to it. but thats if it stays a chest scale in which it shouldn't

    that's all i really have about the scale but since you have the reklar tail scale which is geared towards helian dragons (spellcasters) why not gear this one towards lunus dragons or add something that would be worth all the time and dp's you add up trying to get it. as it stands right now the +300 armor is the only good thing on it. thats just not worth replacing my mythril-marble armor chest scale with primal vengence x3 on it. making a mob go from doing 300 dmg down to 70 dmg seems a little better than adding a little armor

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    A Dev said in my April Fools? thread said they looked at it and it will change as it is a cut and paste of the shield. I did not coment about it being a tail scale and stuff.

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    Back or Tail slots would be much preferred over the chest.

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    Would be better if the ceremonial scale was a back scale that we can also use the tail slot for the reklar scale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumu Honua
    Biggest problem is that it seems they want to make us "Choose" to use it over other scales, however Vengeance always wins...
    It wouldn't be to bad, IF not every new scale were chest. With the exception of the ancient scales, I can't think of any given scale reward that doesn'T apply to the chest only.
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    I dont believe they are necessarily forcing us to choose one or the other.

    The Ancient scale originally was chest as well, and all I had to do was ask and they made it head instead. The ceremonial scale seems best fitted for tail. It requires level 100 and tail is the last slot to open up at level 90.

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    Which is a good thing so that when T6 scales come out we can get the higher armor and tech values on that head scale, yet still have all the benefits we had with the Ancient headscale. The Ancient head scale benefits become passive/crystal. nothing is lost at all.

    We did not know that would be the case 6 months prior to the final part of ARoP being put in game. In fact I doubt the dev's themselves had made up their minds yet on those issues that far off, at the time the ARoP was just being pushed live.

    That has nothing to do with them supposedly forcing us one way or another scale-wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumu Honua
    Reklar scale is the only one besides the ancient scale which you turn in shortly after getting it and get a crystal instead.
    ???? Mind explaning that? Who do you turn it into? This is the first I heard of this.

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    Oh Sorry I miss read your post. I thought you were turning in Reklar's tail scale for a crystal. I was like WTH? Turning in a event scale for a crystal? where do I do that? I want that scale even more now.

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    anyone can post a screenshot from this new scale please?

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