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Thread: UI with new map markers.

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    Default UI with new map markers.

    I did this on my own, so it's not a Tulga thing. And I just barely finished making the changes. Let me know what you think.

    It just goes straight into the resources_override directory. If you already have a directory structure in there, you might want to unzip it somewhere else and move things over.


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    404 File Not Found
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    I show it being downloaded 35 times, so something must have borked recently. Should have it fixed in a few moments.


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    I like it, personally. Neon-green seems to fit with this game pretty good. Keep it up
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    Default Re: UI with new map markers.

    ~cry~ where have all the mods gone?
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    Default Re: UI with new map markers.

    Anyone got this mod? PM me and I'll host it :-)
    Or host it yourself,
    or host it EI and they'll put it on the community download page?

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