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Thread: Cat Nap?

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    Post Cat Nap?

    Hello my fellow felines. I find it rather sad that our forum is so empty of posts. I sometimes wonder if my brother and sister saris are taking a very long cat nap. I would think our forum would be one of the busiest given our proud heritage, and our numbers in this great world of Istaria. It is this reason I do request my brothers and sisters tell of their times being a young saris, of mammoth battles, of peaceful times crafting, or anything else you may wish to share. Not being eloquent with words myself it is not my experiences that will be written but yours!! Allow us to read of the times our furry sisters and brothers have had in this great world of Istaria!!
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    Hmmm? What was that? I was napping.

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    *yawns and blinks twice sleepily*

    I just had the strangest dream of a tall girl with horns who could change into pretty forms.

    *blinks twice and yawns once more then looks about*

    Now, where did I put that obsidian field?
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    *blinks and looks around...Greetings*
    May I intorduce myself...I am known as Chrystalas <<demonwing is my mail charecter>>

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    *a female feline saris dark as night flicks her tail and looks around with a small smirk of a smile waves in welcome* Hello fellow feline I am also on the chaos shard prehaps we will run into eachother *quickly scampers away*

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    most welcome home, demo!!
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    My kitty alt is on Chaos.
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    I am around but have little to say...Perhaps this is the same as others.

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