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    Post Classes and Combinations

    Hello all,

    I only recently returned to Horizons and have found that there are few if any decent guides out for this game.

    I have started one and this is just the beginning.

    The picture below is a listing of all the possible adventure classes. On the left is a listing of all the classes. Root class(red) have no prior requirement and can be learned at any time.

    On the right is a list of prestige classes and a breakdown of skills needed and classes that have said skill. The single class(green) prestige group only requires one prior class with a single skill mastered to a certain level. The dual class(blue) prestige group requires two adventure classes with two skills mastered to a specific level. For the prestige requirements I have listed the root class(red) first then other prestige classes that could contribute.

    ***I did not go into level ratings, but be warned, the more adventure classes you have the higher your rating and potentially the harder it will be to gain adventure experience. This is only to illustrate all the classes and requirements quickly.***

    My hope is that this will help new players visuallize the all possibilities and maybe a veteran will see an option or two that he/she did not see before.

    My next step will be adding trainers....stay tuned.

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    Okay, I've added more to this little project of mine. So much so that I've added a zipped attachment of the work so far. It is in Excel format.

    Added features:

    - I have added "comments" to each class. If you mouse over the schools a small window will open giving the name, city, and coordinates of the trainers for that particular school.
    - If you look at the bottom you'll see two tabs (cleric and druid). These are the first two schools I've completed. If you were to select the cleric tab you would see at the top two boxes. One lists the skills gained and the other lists character stats that improve with each level and by how much. Below that is a breakdown of skills you will get and what level and below lists all the spells a cleric will get.

    For both classes I have only listed the spells that that particular class would get. They are listed by level and skill requirement. In the case of the cleric, one skill you get with the cleric class is "life". This is the only skill, with the cleric, that will go up allowing you to use life magic. So I've only listed life magic with the cleric. For the druid it was "nature", so I've only listed Nature magic.

    Things get a little more complex with multi-classing but this guide is intended to help a new characters out and possibly show an aging veteran new tricks.

    If you like what you see, see something amiss, or just have a comment please post or PM me.

    ***Removed older version link - newer version below***
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    Hello again,

    ***Well the "base" classes are done in my guide. The above link is the most current layout***

    Here's some shots of what I have. If you like what you see, please feel free to down load.

    This is a shot of the Mage section. You'll see the casting skill high lighted in the list of skill. This will come in to play later with the prestige classes but on this page it is used to separate your casting skills from the more physical skills.

    This is a shot of the Monk page. I do not include any casting abilities for the mellee types, only the combat skills gained. I know that in multiclassing you will be able to cast as a monk. But this is a pure class break down with the assumption that no other class has been learned.

    I'm now starting on the Prestige classes. This will be a little tougher, any ideas would be great.
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    isn't this all covered here ?
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    Aye, it's also VERY confusing. I'm trying to make some thing easier.
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    Default Re: Classes and Combinations

    I like it, thanks for all the work that went into it.

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