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Thread: List your public tavern

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    Default List your public tavern

    With the upcoming confectioner changes I would like everyone to list their open to the public taverns so taht people have an idea where they are

    I will start the list off

    Clearport(saritova) medium human tavern
    Given enough time and the proper temperament anything doable in game is possible
    Confectioner first last and always

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    Last (Furthest) Plot of Mithril's Anvil - Owner: Sharrakhan (my alt)

    Small Tavern built
    Expert Pottery Shop - working on it
    Journeyman Confectioner's Shop - working on it
    Journeyman Mill - working on it

    Tier 2/3 silos - some complete
    Putter'er of Crafts and Near Miss-Adventurer on Chaos
    Guild Leader - Council of War
    C.O.W. : "Milking the WA Daily....fear the cow"

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