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Thread: Ingenuity - does it do anything?

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    Default Ingenuity - does it do anything?

    I notice that I seem to get ten points of "ingenuity" per tradeskill level.

    But what does the "ingenuity" trade skill do?

    (My hunch is, "absolutely nothing" - which is fine, b/c it just means that it's a leftover of something that was planned but not implemented. But I'd like to know for sure.)

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    It has been used before on some world projects and in some events. It is also used on some decorations for plots.
    It was meant originally for the novo where any school could help build it with quest materials.

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    And it is the skill required for crafting snowballs
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    And it is used for salvage blight cores out of blight items.

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    It allows dragons to participate in construction projects with bipeds, like on world events and on plot decorations like holiday doohickeys.

    *GASP* Dragons and bipeds do something together? Say it ain't so!

    /back of hand to forehead

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    It is also used in the latest reward form on New Tris.

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    Default Re: Ingenuity - does it do anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deth View Post
    It is also used in the latest reward form on New Tris.
    If you are referring to Withered Bane, Deth, then yes, it is used for that. I think the farmer's quest for killing the wolf uses it too, but I am not sure about that.

    Biped Ingenuity uses the Istarian Army Knife as its main tool (Dragons have to get by on their own innate ingenuity ability).

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    Default Re: Ingenuity - does it do anything?

    Ooooo 1000 lashes with a wet noodle Serebren for ressurecting an old post!

    Oh... btw, if you own a plot, Ingenuity is also used for making some festival plot decorations
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