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Thread: Map Bug?

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    Question Map Bug?

    I know someone who after the patch their map wont load right, it is all jumbled and someplaces are zoomed in and some are not. Did this happen to anyone else, any ideas on what to do?

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    Without knowing the basic information about whether you are using the Map Pack, and precisely what the problem is folks most likely would be unable to assist you. If in fact you are using the Map Pack I'd recommend uninstalling it and then checking to see if your map is still giving you problems.
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    I assume your using the new client. Open the Prefs folder and look for common_pref (i think it is) at the bottem will be the map string that will need to be changed to point to the over_ride folder. As explained in the thread to install the map pack.

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    If your map is messed up, especially if you use a map pack, you probably need to change your prefs file as stated above.

    The path is wherever the game is installed, then the prefs folder. At the bottom of that is a file called ClientPrefs_Common. Change the string mapPath = "resources/interface/maps" to string mapPath = "resources_override/interface/maps". That should fix the issue.

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    Its accually just the normal map that you just hit "M" in the game...I would like to get a map pack, any good recomendations?

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    I am actually having problems getting my map pack to load...after they reset all the prefs I tried reinstalling and changing the pref in the common file, nothing. Then I realized there was still the override change in the character pref file so deleted that, relogged and again nothing. I have the regular game map, no bugs, but really miss my map pack...what am I doing wrong here?
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