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Thread: Reqest for update map markers

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    Default Reqest for update map markers

    If anyone could get a project like this going, you would make sooo many players happy.

    If people have a lot of custom markers in their UIMapMarkers.def file, PLEASE share them. I can combine all of them into one file and reupload it.

    Is there a programmatical way to "read' all objects on the map and write out new/updated map marker files? I'm a principal software engineer, so if there's a way, let me know, and I can try to code something up.

    I was unable to ever get any version of dynamic map marker program to work. They just keep locking up.

    Updated markers with as much info as possible, such as the tier level of a crafting machine, etc, would make this game about 100 times less tedious. Aspects of it are tedious enough without many quest npcs missing from the maps, and unsearchable, etc.

    I've been using cobol's 3.2 and some other "updated" marker files people have uploaded, but there are still a zillion npcs and such unmarked.


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    I suppose you could write one... let us know when your done...
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