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    Default Calling all Adventurers

    Does the line from Princess Bride "You ARE the Brute squad" apply to you?

    Or perhaps you're more the "Heart of a musketeer" type with your "warrior/poet" ways?

    If so, we need your help. As many of you have already seen, we are creating player guides to help new players understand Horizons better. One area where we are short is in people who have experience with the biped schools in Istaria. Writing a guide only takes a short bit of time. I have a template already created to make it simple and easy to follow.

    If you are interested in writing for any of the following schools, please let me know either by PM here, or at [email protected].

    Battle Mage
    Blood Mage
    Chaos Warrior
    Elemental Archer
    Flame Disciple
    Ice Disciple
    Knight of Creation
    Spirit Disciple
    Storm Disciple

    As you can see, that's a pretty long list. It is a combination of base and prestige schools, so hopefully something here will appeal to you.

    And thank you to everyone in advance for your interest.

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    Decided I might get more people interested if I post the template here so you can see just how easy it is to create a guide. *hints*

    School Guide Template:

    Description of (insert school name)

    What races work best as a (insert school name)?

    Prerequisites for joining the school and how to best get them (if applicable)

    What crafting schooles compliment this adventure school well?

    Why become a (insert school name)?

    What disadvantages must a (insert school name) overcome?

    How does a (insert school name) spend training points?

    Armor and weapons used by (insert school name)? Other equipment to look for? How to tech equipment?

    What spells are important to this school? Order for purchasing spells?

    Suggested hotkey setup

    Combat Routine? (How does a normal combat go at early levels? Mid levels? Later levels?)

    Hints and tips for leveling

    Multi-schooling: What other adventure schools work best with this school?

    How do I make money best in this school?

    What special/unique abilities does that class get?

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    I hope you got some people responding. That sort of information would be extremely valuable for new players. (hint, hint!)

    I've been picking my way through various threads, trying to find some of that info, and it is very time consuming.

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    Though it's not in the proper format, I have an unofficial guide for new Monks/Disciples with suggestions and collated resources. Might be worth pointing at if you're missing that info.


    HratLi SnowPelt : From Bounty to Chaos : Eyes of Istaria
    MultiCrafter, Spirit Disciple, Walking Bleed Attack.
    HratLi's Bucket of Fury : A Saris in cargo gear appears and beats on your foe.
    Damage :
    50-150 Attack Type: Bucket Duration: Until Dispelled Frequency: 0:02

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    It is too late, EI is not picking up the crew to continue this work, so everything will have to remain uneditted and unformatted. There were a lot of guides ready to go up.

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    So, post the guides here then.
    Got Cowbell?

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    Velea can if she wants, I will not.

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