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Thread: Map Marker Update for use with HZ's default maps

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    Default Map Marker Update for use with HZ's default maps

    The following is an update to map marker files for HZ's default maps. The files have been culled for duplicates spellchecked and sorted.

    I have also noticed that some of the mappak maps are inaccurate ie Elmnic is shown as a pond. Since maps are not being updated the defaults may be best way to go.

    I have added several new marker files that allow quick marker replacements without leaving game that further reduce markers for npcs and make searchs easier.

    There are links on to the zip file to download along with easy install directions and descriptions of files.

    Thank You

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    Default Files Updated and description of Map Marker Tooltips

    I have updated the files again to reflect change in standardization of tooltips and removal of more duplicate markers.

    Tooltips are the text you see when mouse hovers over marker and what is used to search for markers.

    Resources--> iron kenaf topaz are labeled as what they are (no tier indicators) as such search for kenaf will still locate Kenaf Port but there is notheing that can be done about that.

    NPCs--> the NPC file NPCs minus Trainers, Pawnbrokers, Consignors, Vaultkeepers, and many of the Dragon Trainers. (There are files that can be temporarily loaded in while online to replace this default setup) I did this to reduce current marker set because of the sheer number and because it seemed to me that searches for the ones not in current set would be fewer in number and they are still available if needed.
    Normal npcs have their full name or as much of it as I know Named Mobs are labeled in the form Named T1/Lvl 5 Badguy/HP 123 or ??? where level and hp are not known to me. Searches are very easy for a given tier just search for Named T5 or whatever.
    If you load in the Trainers file NPCs are labeled in Form Carpenter Trainer/<Name> so you can just search for carpenters.
    If you load in Commerce NPCs are labeled in Form Vaulkeeper/<name>
    I haven't gone through dragon npcs yet

    Crafting Machines--> are labeled differently in towns and in the field.
    In Town they are in form Dalimond Machines <Machine>
    In Field they are in form T2 Smelter/T2 Anvil indicating the machine is located near tier 1 resources and that both machines are at location. This reduces the number of markers needed and allows searches for machines that are near resources. I plan to add some markers for machines on plots that have good locations near fields that I will probably add plot owners name to marker tooltip.

    Enjoy and Thank You

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