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Thread: Custom map icon problems

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    Default Custom map icon problems

    I use a custom map pak (cant remember which one at the moment, i do rememebr it was hi-res), but it came with its own set of map icons, lovely and colourful. They are all over the map, so it's great.
    Now for a while a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to add a marker, the coloured palette came up. But now I am back to the default icons and no coloured ones to choose from.

    Anyone able to tell me how to get the coloured ones back please? I know they must be there as they are still there on the map.


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    Try reinstalling the mappack. If you don't have the installer anymore, you can find it here.

    Ps: Reinstalling the mappack will not affect the markers you have already placed yourself.
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    This happens to me as well. When I first installed the mappack, I had the colorful markers available for me to place. Then I restarted the game, and it was back to the grey ones.

    I had a reformat of my hard drive, reinstalled the game and mappack, and i had colorfull ones. Then I restarted the game and poof, back to grey.

    I just want to know how I can add the color makers and make them stay. I cant install the mappack again every time I start the game.

    **Also, when I patch the game it wants me to delete the file that uninstalls the mappack, or it even refuses to run horizons! I compromized and moved that uninstall.exe just outside of the horizons folder...

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    Everytime you do a full scan when launching Horizons, it will overwrite some of the map pack's files. This leaves your custom, colorful icons in place, but prevents you from adding anything but the standard grey-scale icons. No matter how you launch Horizons, there are check boxes somewhere that allow you to avoid a full scan. By unchecking those boxes, you will get to use the map pack as intended until the next "forced" full scan which happens after every developer update. In other words, you will need to reinstall the map pack every week for it to work properly.
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    Exactly where is it set which icons are displayed in the map marker window?

    I used to use pekka's map, which gave me tons of icons to pick from to place on the map.
    Then I installed Cobol's map and I'm down to the few default ones now.

    Driving me nuts, to be honest.

    Locations of icons and an idea which def file controls this, as well at the settings would be fantastic.

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    If you download the mappack here and copy the UIMapWindow.def in the resources folder to your Resources_override/resources/Interface/Themes/Default/Defs folder - you get the icons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Screech

    If you download the mappack here and copy the UIMapWindow.def in the resources folder to your Resources_override/resources/Interface/Themes/Default/Defs folder - you get the icons.

    I don't have a Resources_override/resources/Interface/Themes/Default/Defs folder....

    I go into my Resources_override folder and there's just 1 folder in it, called Inteface. Am I supposed to make the new folder tree and just add the one file?

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    The mappack does not follow the proper tree structures for the folders to work properly with the game.

    1. Reinstall the mappack
    2. Go into your resources_override folder
    3. Create a folder called Resources
    4. Move that Interface folder into the Resources folder you just made
    5. Copy the UIMapWindow.def file from Resources\Interface\Themes\Default\Defs
    to resources_override\Resources\Interface\Themes\Defa ult\Defs
    6. Go into your Prefs folder
    7. Edit ClientPrefs_Common.def changing the mappath line to read
    string mapPath = "resources_override\Resources\interface\maps"

    That should give you a permanent mappack that lasts thru the patches and full scans.
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    I don't know where that ******** space came from in the middle of the second path in #5. Ignore it. It isn't supposed to be there. It doesn't show up in edit view, so I can't get rid of it.
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