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Thread: Map pack 3.2 wierdness...

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    Default Map pack 3.2 wierdness...

    Greetings Folks!
    Coming back, I've been trying to put the 3.2 map pack back in but am seeing 2 different problems.

    1. Not all the 'filters' on the left are showing up.
    2. All my maps seem 'scrambled' As in chunks of different maps seem to be stitched together.

    I have been installing the map packs since waay back when so there is no telling what is in my settings

    I DID remember to set it to resources_override in my prefs. But to no avail.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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    You're looking at now. Everything that happens now is happening now.

    Incessantly prodding Gezsera while getting rid of hibernation hangover.

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    Greetings Everyone! I figured a work around. I just copied all my Resources_override stuff into Resources and away it went... It for some reason, wasn't looking in the Resources override

    I know I'll have to copy it back over after every patch, but no biggie


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