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    This is the story Amecha recieved from an elder friend years after her hatch day of her parents noble actions and eventual death.

    Aela felt her muscles tense up as she crouched low to the ground, laying as flat as she could without giving up the strength of her legs, should she need to take flight. She turned carefully to her left, eying Takkar, her lifemate. She studied the way his ivory white scales reflected the green light.

    He turned to her and stared her in the eyes, and spoke to her in the lowest tone he could manage “Aela, my sweet. I do not know what will happen now. I want you to fly away, fly far away.”

    Aela recoiled slightly at the thought, and tried her best to keep from raising her tone, “I will not.”

    She stood her ground as she watched Takkar sigh and lower his head, taking a quick glance at the path below. She too turned to eye the path for a minute before turning back to Takkar.

    “I mean it, Aela,” Takkar said slightly louder than before. Catching himself, he lowered his voice and put a wing over Aela’s back, “I love you. I do not want to lose you.”

    Aela leaned in close to Takkar, feeling his warmth on her scales, she rubbed her neck against Takkar’s, and nuzzled his cheek. She turned so that she could stare him in the eye. She saw in those eye the love and devotion that no other dragon in Istaria could ever give her.

    “I will not leave. It is just that simple,” she said in lowered, but confident voice, “You know Takkar, that I feel the same for you as you do for me. I do love and care for you, Takkar Sheilrae. You know I am not willing to stand idle or flee like some coward when I am needed. And there is no way, nor ever will be, that I will leave your side.”

    Takkar let out a deep sigh and shook his head. He knew how stubborn Aela could be when she was determined about something. Nothing, not the threat of death itself, would shake her from her stance.

    Takkar turned and nibbled on Aela’s horns for a minute before pushing his muzzle against her cheek, “Aela, I shall stand and fight by your side, and let only death separate us.”

    Aela turned to watch the path, now alive with bloodshed. Aela spread her wings slightly and let out a low groan in anger as she watched impatiently at the hopeless battle happening at the bottom of the hill. She flapped her wings a couple times, snorting and hissing as she watched, wanting to lend aid.

    Takkar turned to her and growled slightly, “No Aela, you know what we are to do. We stay here and hold off their advancement. Their battle below is already lost, we are the last line of defense.”

    Aela groaned and hissed as she watched the battle below. The third wave of the Withered Aegis were advancing. The brave souls, young and old, were lost. She snarled slightly, feeling both anger and sadness for the undead dragon souls forced to do the bidding of the Withered Aegis. For every fallen dragon, another undead dragon rose. A tear slipped down her cheek.

    Takkar moved closed to Aela and pressed his body against hers, he then raised his nose to the heavens, “May the heavens bless our babies.”

    Aela turned her head to see tears slip from Takkar’s eye, and then let them fall from hers. She knew at that moment that she would not likely live to see her hatchlings break out into the world. She would, however, do the best that she could manage to ensure that her hatchlings would survive.

    A noise from behind startled her and Takkar, and she watched as Takkar spun around to face the offenders. With wings outstreatched, he let out a lout hiss as he snapped his teeth within inches of the first face he saw.

    He inhaled with a loud hiss and let out his frustration, “And just exactly who pray tell are you! Speak swiftly or I shall burn every one of you!”

    Aela turned to look at Takkar quickly, and then spun herself around to watch the path. The warriors down below were now dead, and the Withered Aegis were making their way up the path.

    The leader, an elf of high rating stood confident and proud, not so much as flinching as Takkar breathed steam in his face, “ I, sir dragon, am Mikal Rispan of the elves, and these brave souls behind me are my followers.”

    Takkar, a full blooded Lunus hissed in disgust, “Why have you come?! What be your mission, elf!? Speak!”
    Mikal drew his sword and kneeled before Takkar, “We have come to aid you in your defense of Istaria, good sir.”

    Takkar growled slightly as he drew back, giving the small army of bipeds room to breathe. Takkar eyed every member carefully. The confident elf stood before a large group, some of them trembling slightly. Takkar grinned to himself. That he had instilled fear into the hearts of some of the souls gave him pleasure.

    Aela took one more look at the slowly advancing army of undead making their way up the hillside, and then turned to face Takkar and the army of bipeds.

    “This is a battle you cannot win,” Takkar said, somewhat calmer now, “Why should you fight along side us?!”

    The trembling dwarf made his way up to the front of the group, drew his sword and planted it deep into the blighted earth, “Sir dragon, this war effects all of Istaria. We will fight with you.”

    Aela turned to Takkar. She knew how hard it was for him to even talk to the bipeds. Helian herself, she turned to the group, and spoke in the calmest voice she could manage, “This battle is not in our odds.”

    The trembling dwarf stood up tall and drew his sword out of the earth, held it high and steady in front of him, “To death!”

    “To death!” echoed the others as they too stood and drew their weapons.

    Takkar stood up tall, exaggerating his size, “Very well then.”

    Aela and Takkar turned to watch the path as the Withered Aegis approached. The small army of bipeds fell in around the two dragons. With wings outstreatched, the two dragons themselves looked formidable.

    Aela tensed her muscles as she prepared herself for the incoming forces. She looked down to her left to see a very young elf trembling and struggling to hold on to his weapon. She felt her heart break as she realized how young he had to be, how young he was to surrender his life for the future of Istaria.

    He noticed the giant teal dragon with her amber eyes staring at him and looked up, “It is a great honor to stand with you, dragon.”

    Aela lowered her head in respect, “As well for me, young elf.”

    “Xaven Nightwind, if you please,” he replied as he strengthened his grip on his sword.

    “Very well, young sir Xaven Nightwind,” Aela said as she shed a tear for him, “I am Aela Sheirak.”

    She felt the fear of the young elf beside her, but she also felt his anger and determination. Whoever did not fear the Withered Aegis was a fool, but those who feared and pressed on were the noblest of all.

    The small army and the two giant dragons braced as the undead army reached the hilltop. All chaos erupted.

    Aela lost concentration of those around her as she rode up on her hind legs, balancing herself with her wings, and pulled her right claw across the head of the undead hatchling in front of her.

    Aela felt a sting in her side as she realized she’d been hit by an arrow, and then cringed as an undead skeleton sank his sword deep into her chest. She filled with determination as she threw the skeleton to the ground, dead.

    One by one she threw them to the ground dead, slowly but surely. But the harder she fought, the more she bled. Her body was in spasms as it tried to cope with the pain that filled her.

    She leaned back and breathed gusts of wind and shards of ice upon the now much larger army of undead. She cringed over and over as she was hit by spell after spell from a mage hidden amongst the chaos. She knew then that her death was near.

    In her despair she looked around for Takkar, and spotted him dead several feet away. His body now being trampled. The small army of bipeds were no longer with her, and the brave young Xaven was now under the feet of a group of undead hatchlings.

    She felt her body give out as wave after wave of spells, and sword and arrow plunged into her. She fell to her side and heaved heavily for air as she could do nothing but wait for them to finish her off.

    With the last breath she could muster, she let out a cry to the heavens, “I pray to all the stars in the heavens, protect my babies!”

    Her soul was taken as soon as her last breath left her body.
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