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    Well, with all the recent events we may not be around long enough to find out, but just in case I manage to get higher in my lairshaping skills, I'm curious as to where there are crystal shapers available on Unity. So I thought I'd try to get a list here to see just where their positions are. If you add one, I'll edit this post to include it. If you have a planned one, feel free to add that in, just be sure to make a note that its planned and not functioning yet. So here we go:

    Crafting Cave - 24027/21677

    Crafting Cave - 22384/28923
    Lairshaping Cave - 22594/29777

    Player Lair ("CrafterLair") - 19827/23899

    Lair - 19720/23238 (halfway up side of mountain, under blight)

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    There is a crystalshaper with t3 crystals to the south of Tazoon crater
    In the void.
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    Also at mahagra in the titan mines is a crystal shaper.

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    thanks guys, i'll check co-ords later on (got work in a few mins :S) and edit the post

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    ick can't edit, didn't realise lol. Oh well, another

    Titian Mines (flying entrance only) - 25097/29583

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