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    Default Lore: Helian

    Race: Dragon
    Gender: Female

    Born: Unknown
    Died: 344 B.R.
    Known As: Helian the Great, The Scholar, Founder of Chiconis

    Key Events in Life:
    752 B.R. Opposed the destruction of the Human Kingdom of Barasavus
    575 B.R. Chose to remain behind when the Gate of Embers was closed
    471 B.R. Opposed Lunus during the Great Schism
    451 B.R. Founded the new Dragon-home of Chiconis

    A consumate scholar and philosopher, who worked tirelessly to defuse the growing conflict with the Humans and also to head off a civil war among Dragon society that many feared was just over the horizon, Helian was the founder of her faction and greatly revered among her peers and descendants.

    Helian believed that the rise of the naka-duskael represented a challenge to which Dragon society should rise up to meet. She believed that Dragons were the most enlightened and advanced race in Istaria and that they should seize the reigns of leadership and lead all races into the future.

    She was opposed by many factions, but none were as popular or bitterly against her as the faction led by the militant Malganival Lunus. Despite her many achievements in research and scholarship, she ultimately chose to abandon her homeland of Dralk and lead her followers south to a new home, Chiconis, located in the Granitefall Mountains. This action she believed was the only way to avoid a full-scale civil war.

    Helian was also one of only a handful of ancients to remain behind when the Gate of Embers was closed in 575 B.R. With the growing discontent among her people and the rise of the Humans, she felt that her place was needed more with her followers than with the other ancients. She chose to remain behind and for more than two centuries she worked to make Chiconis a place that Dragons could call home, even in self-imposed exile
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    Helian was a female drag? Wohooooooo! Dragonesses for president!

    Really nice Lore Amon, enjoyed it to read

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    Is the dragon naming pracise lore - you hear it during the Khutit form quest - still canon? Makes a big difference with names such as 'Helian' and 'Malganival Lunus'.

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    Nice lore thx you for it
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    Default Re: Lore: Helian

    I'd just like to ask about dragon genders. In game, I have noticed that dragons in the 'guild' window appear as 'neuter', however it has been indicated in this thread that Helian was female. Could this please be clarified? Thanks.


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    Helian (as in a single dragon) was female.

    Helians (as in the faction) are different genders... or genderless... or the great gender mystery.

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    Default Re: Lore: Helian

    Unless you're a dragon (or a well-knowledged biped), you can't tell externally what gender a dragon is until they say.

    Oh, and it's very rude going around trying to determine by looking under the tail.
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    Default Re: Lore: Helian

    Yes. We may whip you with it. Our tail, that is.
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    Did you guys know her full name is Nyestra Helian? Mentioned by Brysmendrick in Dralk during a quest.

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    Default Re: Lore: Helian

    Yeah I did, actually. I love that little tidbit! Her name is so beautiful in my opinion It fits her

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