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Thread: Tips for Leveling Tinkerer?

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    Default Tips for Leveling Tinkerer?

    I picked up the Tinkerer school this weekend as it's one I've never done before. I'm having a tough time so far though. First of all, everything requires bronze bars to make. But you get no xp for making the bronze bars, only for turning them into gears or other gadgets. So, the xp you would get in other schools from processing raw materials is gone.

    Then, there are only 2 trainers that I've found, and they don't seem to be very near resources, making the crafting quests they give out fairly tedious to complete.

    At this point I just want to be able to make a full set of flaxen cargo armor. Does anyone have tips on how to get up through those levels in Tinkerer fairly quickly? Is there some secret to it that speeds things up?


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    Well, if you have any tailoring skills you can use clothworking to level tinkerer. Also, you can consider earthencraft - making earthenware stuff with the tinkerer class.
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    Hmmm... I have some clothworking. How do you level tinkerer using that? What items can you make to gain xp?

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    pouches i think works for tinker xp make/decon

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    Thanks, I'll check that out

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    Quote Originally Posted by awdz
    pouches i think works for tinker xp make/decon
    i didn't want to make it TOO easy for him!
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    I'm guessing you have other crafting schools lvl'd, maybe blacksmith or even some builder schools..............

    If so.................

    make and decon tools - you don't get xp for making resources (bars, bricks etc), so I lvl miner making resources then silo them, switch to Tinker and make/decon tools.

    Also, if your other schools are of a decent lvl, u can bypass the lower tier tools and go straight to a tier you're optimal with.

    i.e. I started Tinker with lvl 39 Blacksmith, filled a silo with slate bricks, switched to Tinker, then made/deconned slate essence shapers.....flew threw the lvls

    Works for me )

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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I made it to level 11 tonight. My highest other schools are only 12 scholar and 13 outfitter, so no help there. Making and deconning essence lamps and doing the "salvage 20 bricks" quest with the trainer got me my last 3 levels, so it's going fairly well, just slow

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    Easiest way to level tinker.... Get a different class up to 100 and power lvl it with that.

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    If you can get any xp from making sand, then make sand!! went to lvl 50 making sand.

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    Up to now you et xp for using any skill a school "own".

    If you take a look at gamersinfo you may notice a inker gets fine skill for all tools, clothworking and leatherworking.
    Only problem is the 0 gathering/proceding skills. ->no xp by bars/bricks/boards/...

    So best to get up Tinker is leveling gatherer or miner with making bricks/bars/boards/.. and then use them as tinker to make an inventory full of tools. Take this tools to the trainer.
    Ask him for salvage x of y. Decon a few tools to finish quest and repeat until all tools are deconstructed-
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    Thanks Eni. I may do miner and just fill a silo with materials and go from there. Good suggestion

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    Tinkerers get xp

    for cargo disks and cargo armor
    for tools
    pouches and sacks
    gadgets (like lamps and fabricators)
    recharge cells

    Have fun!
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    i read a thread a while ago....tinkerer is dependant on gatherer and keep leveling them to support tinkerer...which will then be able to stand on its own....miner i think needs to be higher..
    i also do taylor(to make the other bits of cloth armour and bags)ie face shoulders,gloves,cloak which can be teched as well.
    Don,t forget to use Reaping potions..they make a large gain on speed in area,s that are contested.
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