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Thread: Combat scales... what do you use?

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    Default Combat scales... what do you use?

    I am curious what the dragon community tends to consider their "combat scales" I am looking at the Tier V stuff myself. I have been debating armor scales with tc, strength, and health or Armor scales with tc, strength, and Breath.

    anyone have an opinion they'd like to share regarding the "best" combat scale set?
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    Well I can tell you about my scales, they are best for MY dragon.

    As i have putted all points in t&c and primal, I use armor scales. I have the scales teched that my dragon has nearly everywhere the same skill, so kinda like a hybrid.

    Many bipeds said that I'm a very good group mate, because i can fast kill a mob when i want or stay back and fire powerful spells at the monster or heal a little bit with my breezes.

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    hrmm... you didn't put points into strength at all then? have you compared your accuracy with t&c attacks and with gold rage? I am not sure what the definitive answer is on strength being that major of a factor. But the higher primal skill and ability to cast our best spells is a deifnite plus.
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    Nope all points in T&C and primal, I hit almost all time with my claw and my base primal is 1070, well if i where a helian would have 1080, ******** it .. i could use the the best breeze max teched (it is rolling somewher around it my valut), well then i have to use the best breeze with cleanse 3, heal recycle 3 and heal increase 4 instead of 5.

    And i putted some str techs on my scales, so no worries :P

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    Default My build-

    For training points-
    I just threw enough into primal to use my imp. prime bolt V triple teched.
    I put enough into T&C just to have 1020 base(no idea why)
    The left overs I put into strength

    My scales-
    Armor-Head, 2 forlegs, 2 hindlegs, back, and tail, teched with T&C, strength and crush resistance V.

    Chest- I use a cerimonial scale, or i use an triple teched armor Vengeance scale depending what Im hunting.

    Wings, I use armor scales, teched with vel. V speed V, and T&C.
    I like speed so I can run as fast as most bi-peds, that way I dont need to be taking off and landing every 5 seconds when I am grouped with them.

    I am happy with the way my scales work, because many mobs in istaria hit with crush damage. And i can solo blight hounds just fine with few deaths, hehe, unless I have a bad night.

    I am currently working on making a set of mith/marble, pierce res/ward (maybe T&C for filler) for fighting wolves etc. Only 11 red vex fringes left, yay......

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    I really need to rethink the training points and scales of my main some day. Right now, I have a L51 hatchling with all armor scales on, teched with a combo of Str, Dex, one breath, 2 speed and 3 sockets . I have most of my training points in T&C, about 1/8 of a bar in Str and Dex, and enough primal to use spells when I reach the level requirement. As an experiment, I put a lot into evasion, a little over 1/4 of a bar. Turned the little guy into a pretty powerful character. The average "natural" mob I attack is 7-13 levels over me and I handle them usually fairly easily with little down time. I've taken down natural mobs that were as much at 21 levels over me, though I had to do some running around to let health come back up to finish them off. WA mobs are a little more difficult, but I still handle them 1 on 1 with ease when they are 5-10 levels up.

    The thing I've noticed is that you can get more for your training points and tech slots if you put the stat techs on scales like str and dex then use the points for things like T&C, Primal and Evasion cause they cost less.

    One note for evasion. I've never seen my hatchling actually "evade" in feedback, though there are animations for it. But they sure do miss me a lot. I'm going to assume that sometimes I am evading, but the server is not telling the client the proper information for the animation to play.

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    I'm only at T3/T4 right now (60 adv, 66 craft) but I'll put in my opinion too

    I'm going for a hard to hit, fast often hitter, so for training points, it all goes in Dex and Evasion (Evasion is kept maxed if I can't get them both max).

    My claw is usually +Breath, Dex (and will eventually carry a socket too, or even three if I can find 3 good crystals).

    My scales are all Armour, with Dexterity on all, plus Velocity on wings, socket on chest (and eventually forelegs again once I get good crystals) and T&C on the other scales. Eventually I'll probably add Strength in with these at T5 for the extra techs.

    BTW agreed on the evasion; it depends on the mobs, but when I was doing my Fire/Lightning breath quests, I could sometimes take out mobs 20 levels higer than me (55 dragon, 75 WA). Melee mobs tend not to be a problem for me (unless the skeletons use that one that blocks automatically), but spellcasters are my downfall, due to nothing but my natural magic evasion.

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    My TP points are half in Primal in order to be able to use the highest tiered specced spell (required to use it or you can't..), the rest mostly in T&C, and then yes I have some in Str and a few in Health for the heck of it .

    My fighting scales are all armor, with I think even more armor, strength, health, T&C, and sockets - and of course max velocity/speed instead on the wing.

    Yea..I gotta start planning my tier V set.

    Right now my chest is socket with double eminence, I'd like to triple it for teir V but we'll see...

    (also make sure you check the dragon channel on Tpoints, several of the ones we can put points in are useless - as in they don't do anything. And I can't remember what they are - for those of you deciding on training points)
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