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Thread: Necroflys?

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    Default Necroflys?

    I'm needing some necrofly wings. I'm looking for necroflys in the 15-20 range. Anyone know a good spot for them? Gamersinfo doesn't seem to have locations on their mob listings

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    I recall seeing some sort of necroflies next to and northeast of the big bronze node/golem field south of Parsinia; biting necroflies? If they don't drop what you are after, there's a small deadlands north up the hill from there that might have them. There's also the Isle of the Drowned southwest from Parsinia; it has some assorted T1 undead, not sure if necroflies are there.

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    Thanks, I'll check it out!

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    There are a few on the Isle of the Drowned but I usually find/hunt them on the path between the anvil/smelter workshop by the bronze golems near Parsinia (as Grem mentioned) and the essence circle in the field with the venomous spiders.
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    Thanks. I found one level 18 on the Drowned Isle and a few level 7s near the golem area by Parsinia. Still looking. They seem to be fairly rare?

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