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Thread: Who is comming back to Unitas?

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    Default Who is comming back to Unitas?

    Many of us started playing on Chaos.
    Others took a break and others tried to quit...

    It would be nice to know.. also for/to each other, who's gonna
    return on Unitas and who's not?
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    I will certainly be on Unitas. We shall see whether I stay or not, but I'll certainly give it a go

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    I'm going to Unitas, for sure...

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    Well,... i try to get on Unitas somehow....

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    At least i will make the move to the new server. If i return to active play depends if EII continues developent.
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    i think if they take the database over to new shard so we don,t loose all the work that has been done.....and they sort out their Billing system....the move would not be a problem...could only have gains
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    hmm....not to sure, I have made a new life on Chaos and I am happy here. If there was a complete character database transfer from Unity to Unitas, but I wouldn't reactivate the old Elspeth and others just to get the transferred.



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    I cannot return because the payment section on the login page says:

    Server Error in '/' Application.

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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    GN free server, isn't this what we all wanted.

    I got my girlfriend to join Horizons because this game is just so great and we've been having loads of fun on Chaos where the community was great in taking us in.

    So now FREEDOM is ours!!!

    Just like Elspeth mentioned it we started a new life, I even got someone into the game.

    Maybe it will be an option now to transfer characters between the servers as they all are going to be EII operated.

    We are finally getting UNITY in Horizons

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    So, the essence of their announcement would be, "The negotiations have ended in failure. We have rejected their offer and they have rejected ours [if any were made]."

    I'm not very surprised by this, and GN letting go of Unity has been the goal of my guerilla campaign for over a year now. The announcement would make me happy, had the current owner of Horizons not already proven themselves to be even more incompetent than GN.

    In regards to mr. Mazzasogni's final theatrics in the announcement, I never believed a word what they said about their plight, holding them entirely responsible for the sad fate of Horizons' European server. Shame on you GN, shame! I hope after this I will never hear of you again.

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    This blue Helian will hopefully flying the skies of Unitas

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    if i keep all my stuff/lair/chars then i will call myself a new unitas

    IF not then i quitt

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    Harla will not return to Unitas.
    She settled down on chaos with a new Dragon.

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    Depends on EI's behaviour and the way the chars get moved....
    And also how much of our guild data can be moved also..
    If most of our quild plots and buildings get lost, it would be really hard.

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    Well, me and my wife will definetly give it a try if all our character data is transfered (including the plots).

    Regards, Sap

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    Should I be able to transfer over completely, Dragon, inventory and vault intact then I will.

    For the lair I hope to recieve at least the novians back, I can live with having to relocate away from my current lair.
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    This lil dwarf will be transferring. I still have a couple of crafts to finish off
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    Flameus and me shall breath the fresh air on UNITAS.

    Come on friends, let`s give it a try.

    And let`s stay patient- It`s a real big project

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    Dagda, Ozymandius, and Carybdis will in all likelyhood be back News monkey
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    hi Royal, well, if at least both of my accounts will be transfered i will be on unitas and give it a try just as saphosar and his wife will... My guildies.

    I ever said if there will be a new server set up, so we get all a chance to get the plots back we lost (if they arent transfered), i will think about it... Well, i made up my mind

    And im sure unitas will need a builder like myself too... Cya around and missing you old friend...


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