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Thread: Who is comming back to Unitas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashania
    hi Royal, well, if at least both of my accounts will be transfered i will be on unitas and give it a try just as saphosar and his wife will... My guildies.

    I ever said if there will be a new server set up, so we get all a chance to get the plots back we lost (if they arent transfered), i will think about it... Well, i made up my mind

    And im sure unitas will need a builder like myself too... Cya around and missing you old friend...

    Omg, I hope so many players/friends come back and have fun with each other again! 8-)
    I started a new live on Chaos and met many new interresting players...
    It was hard to goodbye and leave everything behind....
    But I've to say its not as good as on good old Unity... It would be really realllly good to be able to swap between the servers! And indeed, lets give them a change, the change horizons deserves!
    Royall on Order / Royal_wind_unity, Royall on Chaos
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    The Unity at the start of the game is not the Unity it is now. I don't think the world should have been changed.

    If Unity is made into the "old world" where maggots roam the beaches of Dalimond, and T1 gems/bronze is at Augdenhell, I'll return to Unity. If not, I stay on Chaos.

    I think that Unity should be "old world" or it should be disbanded as a server, with the characters being copied to Chaos and Order. There isn't enough population in the entire game to fill up 1 server, let alone 3.

    (On Unity, when the game first came out, I played Mariya (ugly half-giant miner) Tsarevna, and Tssarevna.

    EDIT: OMG, get on top of things EI!!!! You look at the "NEWS" section of the community website, and this isn't even headlined there yet, just some 3-4 week old news about Amadan joining the team.
    /cracks the whip

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    I've never played on Chaos/Order. Unity is my only home. So, in order to preserve at least my character(s), I will move to Unitas shard.

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    I know I shall keep Poggle on Order.

    As for the transfer of snickel I'll see if that is possible (I created her on a different email-account and don't wish to open a second account besides the one I have at the moment).

    If that is not possible I might create a new character on the new server, for what is most important to me is to meet the people again, not snickel's skills or belongings -- hell, I might even go for a hatchling
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    If we can transfer everything over, I'll be there. If not, we'll see.

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    IF all goes well and i can pay for it on the US then the Legendary High Summoner shall make his passage to this new world also if not his Assension has arrived and he shall watch over all and protect them in thier endevors

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    I sure give it a shot.Hz is not what it used to be I agree on that but it's still a good gang running..Cant see myself crawling back to EQ2 (or worse WoW) anyhow!
    Graylegs ELAR (active for now)

    Graypaws. warden EQ2 (splitpaws)
    Greylegs.working hard -II-
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    Me and all italians will come to unitas....
    Paolo - Kenpa - Unity shard
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    57M of hoard (thanks to Paolo )

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    Wow cool. I think I'll go there too

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    You are not form Unity, you dont count.

    Just joking Everyone is welcome if they want to help to rebuild Unity

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    Venom is about to become adult on Chaos as he achieved lvl 50 so now it's just time to get the final quests done and start Lunus RoP.

    I do think I'll keep my characters on Unity so I can come and visit. With my girlfriend playing on Chaos some things have changed. It would be cool if we'd be able to copy characters over to another server.

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    My return is doubtfull, yet not impossible.
    Should both accounts incl. lairs be transferred.
    For me no lair no transfer.
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    Default You BET i'll be going to new server!

    (Kicks the shi*** 25-character rule)

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    i will return too if my time allows it ^^
    and to answer possible questions no, ill stay like i am

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    I might give it a try from begining.. but whole gem collection lost :S

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    Ild rather move to chaos. I found a new family there, and no matter if its located in america or not - the european shard will always be the first one to bite the dust. I dont feel like going through ANOTHER server merge in future when EII realises there are not enough players to keep 4 servers up.

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    I'm not going to return to Unity I think.
    There are some people ruingin the community and the game for many others.
    Another plot/account robbery took place, and there is still nothing changed about the exploiter part. Also money is worthless cause 'some' exploiters have infinite now.
    Royall on Order / Royal_wind_unity, Royall on Chaos
    Dinsdag on EU-Evernight (LOTRO)

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    Meooww! go to unitas whit all characters to make you all grazy
    Rico Mondo Master builder

    Tanin_ice mindall

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    Thats sad Royal. It sounds like there is a group on each shard ruining the community. If that doesnt get fixed on all shards then there is no reason for EI to fix the game itself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayne
    Thats sad Royal. It sounds like there is a group on each shard ruining the community. If that doesnt get fixed on all shards then there is no reason for EI to fix the game itself
    Maybe we should merge those groups into a new shard

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