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Thread: Valkor Event Followup... Or "I need a rez!"

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    Default Valkor Event Followup... Or "I need a rez!"

    So, any thoughts on today's event?

    I'll start by saying that EI did a pretty good job of executing it.

    However, I found it kind of frustrating, as Valkor was dead before I even got there -- except the last spawn, which was a slideshow of total chaos. I think its fun if you're in the mood to just go out and whack something without any hope of walking away with anything but a death point or three. Otherwise, it's just not interesting.

    I'm not saying that people didnt have fun or that it's not worth doing in the future. I'd like to see it happen more often, however, I also hope that this isn't how we'll be seeing 'new content'. Anyone who wasn't high enough level, or wasn't on during the alotted time, or ... just didnt want to get slain missed out.

    I hope that future events will take the above into consideration and focus more on organizational skills, teamwork, all levels of players, and players of all time-zones.

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    Well I enjoyed it, even the extra DP's lol. I just happened to log in at the right time tonite. Hope there is more than just this myself. Patiently waiting.....

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    i came in late, missed valkor's death in last stand area, stopped to rez young ones coming to the harro area so missed that battle, but managed to scout out valkor's location in the ED (was killed under his foot right before i could hit him). i told the valkor locale chat where he was but no one could get to me to rez so i recalled & ran back just in time for the message that he was defeated for good. got a few good screenshots of him walking on me and of him lying dead surrounded by dragons :-)

    i liked the progressive nature of the hunt, not so keen on it being the same kill repeated throughout, but delighted to have something new/different, especially as it responded to the accomplishments on the shard. thank you EI!

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    was a great start. Be ncie to see some kind of event title rewarded though.. doesnt cost anything or imbalance anything... Slayer of Valkor or whatever
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonscales
    Be ncie to see some kind of event title rewarded though..
    Maybe it be time to introduce some type of award points associated with titles. As you go to defend the land and respond to the call of the elders, you get reward point that can be traded for a title. So more often you participate, and more actions (ie: spell cast & rezzing or hitting) you perform during that event, more points you accumulate toward your Isatria defender rating.
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