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Thread: Vista and Horizons

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    Default Vista and Horizons

    I have been testing out various builds of Windows Vista beta.

    build 5600 - Horizons runs fine
    build 5700 - Horizons runs fine
    build 5744 - as soon as the patcher hands off to horizons.exe, horizons.exe crashes
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    that builds should be 5384, 5600 and 5744 not 5600, 5700 and 5744

    (Wants the edit command put back in and the time limit between posts is ANNOYING)
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    I knew I missed a build. 5728 also runs Horizons fine.
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    I am trying Vista x64 Build5600, I think thats the build as that what it says down in the bottem corrner. But when I try to run the game I get an error but not text in the window so not sure whats going. Any clue what it might be?

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    I couldn't get it run in any of the builds until I put in the beta video drivers rather than the default drivers that Vista comes with. I also ended up turning off User Access Control. I don't know if you run an ATI or nVidia card in your system, but if it is nvidia, the drivers now on nvidia's site are for RC2 (build 5744) not RC1 (build 5600) so I don't know if they would work in RC1 or not.
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    Ah thank you very much I found the Old Beta driver and I have that downloading at home now so i will try that and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks.

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    Hmmm still having problems just diffrent ones now. I reinstalled so need to find out how to get the latest Standalone launcher I think once I get home tonight.

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    hehehehe Ok I was being stupid. I needed to uncheck .net log in option. LOL

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    Well I tried doing a clean install of Vista 5744 rather than an upgrade. Still no dice. Horizons simply won't play in this version. It keeps faulting with msvcrt.dll.

    It doesn't look like they are going to release the newer RTM builds to testers, so I have no idea if this problem will be fixed in the final version or not.
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    Well finally got 5744 to run Horizons. Renamed the 5744 version of msvcrt.dll in System32 folder to a different name then copied in the 5728 version of the same file and it works like a charm.
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    Note: if you do this file switch, be sure to switch them back PRIOR to rebooting or shuttin down or Vista will not boot anf you will have to reinstall.
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    question from a Vista user, how do you get HZ to work on Vista Home Premium? i think the latest build is 6000, but i am not sure. whoever can shed light into this problem, please post.

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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    Vista and xp have the option for dll redirecting for just this purpose.

    To do it in windows xp simply make a shortcut with the same name e.g. make a new file called horizons.exe.local (just new text file and rename) the contents of the file is not important just that it exists is. Now copy your msvcrt.dll file to the main horizons folder. When you attempt to launch horizons.exe it will see the horizons.exe.local file and then attempt to check for dlls in its main folder before the system32 folder.

    Vista functions the same way but with one improved feature. It will still do the file overriding by making the same .exe file with .local added for dll redirection BUT it adds the ability to make a folder with this name. E.g. make a new folder called horizons.exe.local and stick all your dlls in there. then Launch horizons.exe. It will look for dlls in that folder before going elsewhere... handy for when you have multiple executables in one folder that all need the same dll redirected where xp limited it to 1.

    To try this on vista though i need a functioning msvcrt.dll file from the previous known vista releases. I couldn't find any on the net.... just windows xp sp2 ones.

    Also this may be a little issue and i'm not sure if removing this manually from the registry allows it to work or not... start your registry editor. Navigate to the following hive key location.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Session Manager\KnownDLLs

    These knownDLLs are not allowed to be overridden. I figure its a security thing... since msvcrt.dll is the dll responsible when it comes to launching microsoft c runtime files. Guess you wouldn't want someone overriding files that might be misused. Dunno.... just things i discovered in my travels... maybe it'll help someone in the vista boat to get their horizons to work.

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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    I posted this in a new thread on the general forums, but thought I would share it here as well.

    Ok this whole process is a pain in the ****** but I do have Horizons working under vista.

    Here is the way my pc is set up at the moment.

    User Account Control is turned off.
    I do have the 2005 C++ Libraries installed from the Vista thread (I have not tried this process without them installed)
    I do not have the .dll replacement files in the horizons directory.
    I do have all of the istaria sites added to my IE trusted sites list.

    This is how I get horizons to work, and I found this out by mistake after mistaking horizons.exe for the standalone launcher.

    1. A clean reboot (If you have crashed horizons at all then you need to reboot)

    2. Go to your horizons folder and right click on the horizons.exe file and hit run as administrator. The slash screen will show up and then an error message telling you to log in from the website.

    3. Use the website or the standalone launcher to log in and start horizons.

    I have tested this with blight and chaos, also with my old account and the new one I was planning on starting. The whole client works after it starts, I was able to create a character and play.

    The crash problem must have something to do with the way Horizons switched between the launcher and the client. And I honestly have no idea why it works this way, but it does.

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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    Hey, if it works, it works. After all, galvanized rubber was a mistake too.

    And just how many lightbulbs did Edison explode before he figured out that a vacuum inside the glass worked better?

    To steal from the Borg queen, "Finding Vista's weakness is only a matter of time".
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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    try this and see if there is anything u havent tried

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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    Quote Originally Posted by C`gan View Post
    And just how many lightbulbs did Edison explode before he figured out that a vacuum inside the glass worked better?
    Edison didn't invent the lightbulb. He was actually just the marketer for it. I don't believe he ever invented anything whatsoever. 100 years ago he was the modern equivalent of a Patent Holding Firm. He bought, stole, and borrowed other people's ideas and then marketed them in a brilliant way. He was a good salesman, but he wasn't an inventor.

    EDIT: The modern version of the light bulb (or close enough to be considered the same thing) was invented simultaneously in the UK and in Canada by Joseph Swan (UK) and Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans (Canada). Edison bought the patent for the Canadian version of the light bulb and marketed it in the US.

    EDIT: IIRC incandescent light bulbs don't have a vacuum in them either. I *think* they use argon, but I don't remember for sure.

    EDIT: I looked it up. They use either: nitrogen, argon, or krypton.
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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    Well for me, I guess Vista and Horizons and my hardware are a bit too new for the game, my sons went though and tried everything suggested. I bought this computer last month when my hard drive fried on my old one. and they have ran out of patience trying to get me up and running...who knows perhaps Widows will find the solution to the error that windows is getting and fix it without shutting down my a joke they are waiting for you guys to give them the collective answers.
    So sorry I can not get into game, get the download turned my computer over to every exe file in horizons folders and still I cannot launch.
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    Default Re: Vista and Horizons

    lil - try the suggestions over at 'consistently logging in with vista'.....i did them today and i was able to login successfully twice!
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