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Thread: Farwell to a friend

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    Default Farwell to a friend

    This week I lost a friend; you lost a friend, Horizons lost a friend. Morning Breath, Sbr or Nimrom however you knew him, lost his real life battle with failing health and past away quietly as he slept Tuesday night. For those of you that knew him well I know you will feel his passing as I do we lost someone important. A long time officer of the Legendary Heroes guild and former Guild Leader of LH’s training guild Ascending Heroes on Chaos, he was there for his guilds and all that might have a question or a need, no matter whether you were new to Horizons or just a player in need, he would do what he could, he truly went the extra mile to help. He always enjoyed a good hunt, crafting event or game event. He orchestrated many great guild events for LH, he always did what he could the make Horizons more fun for the rest of us. As I read this I can see that nothing I write will tell the real story of his time in Istaria, but I would like you to know he was my friend in real life and I was able to talk to him this past weekend; we spoke of many things but you should he looked forward to again spending time with us all in Horizons. Farwell my friend.

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    Default good by

    May you sore Up on wings of eagles and rejoin your Honored family members in your ancestral place in the sky. Rest in peace my good Friend. your battle is over may your spirit soar on a never ending breeze
    Face forward and you should be able to hear it now the only thing plugging your ears is your own fear. There is only one enemy and one of you so what is there to be afraid of ? Abandon your fear turn and face him, Don't give an inch. Now advance Never stop If you retreat you will age Be afraid and you'll die NOW SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME !!!

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    I'm saddened...

    - Mayhap IE can do like Tulga did for Roxi, and raise a monument, maybe in Back Bay as well...
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    This is very sad indeed he was a wonderful person and good friend to me. I hope he is in a better place and we will all miss him and remember him for his friendship and I will certainly miss his company. May his wings forever carry him in the light.

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    I'm shocked to here this, and sadden by it, he was one of the first people I knew in the game. all I can really say is i hope he finds a happier place now.

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    Mornin was a great guy for sure. Im sadden to hear this..

    Rest in piece, and my thoughts go out to his family.
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    I will miss him.

    I did not know him well but he was always helpfull and a very good guy.

    God's speed good budy
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    Death leaves a heartache
    no one can heal;
    Love leaves a memory no
    one can steal
    Irish Tombstone

    *sheds tears for the lovely and kind majestic Morningbreath*

    Would there be any player planned memorial event held in game?


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    I only knew Morning in passing, but I know that he did much for many.
    He will be greatly missed.

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    As I said in game, I will say a prayer for him and his family. Yes he was always a great person in game and im sure out.

    Sadly what some tend to forget is there is a person behind that keyboard, whom has feelings and emotions.

    Take care me friend, God bless you.


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    I am so sorry to hear this and I am deeply saddened by it...

    Though I did not know Mornin, I had seen him around and knew him to be a helpful person. I wish I had gotten the chance to get to know him personally.

    Blessings to him, his family and friends; my hopes and prayers go out to you all.

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    Awwwwww I loved Morning Breath, not just for the name alone, but was the wonderful personality that went with the player.

    You will be missed my friend.
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    I was one of the lucky ones who got to hang out with Mornin all the time,He was a great guild member and a fantastic person. We played this game together for almost 3 years.Iam very sadden by this,He was a very good friend of mine,and will be greatly missed.Farewell my friend

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    I too have played with Sbr for years and feel a great sense of loss. Alas I know he was in alot of pain, but is now at peace. The things of this world no longer concern him. Sbr had passion for helping those new to game figure this world out. It was my honor to play with him these past couple of years. I wish only the best in life for his family. I will miss Sbr..but take comfort in knowing that he has moved on to a better place. Farewell friend. Rest in Peace.

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    I was one of those who didn't know Mornin too well, I hunted with him a few times and thought he was a good guy though. May he be in a better place now. You will be missed Mornin.

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    "Mornin, Mornin" ... that's how I used to greet him in dragon chat.

    From the few times that our paths crossed, I can say that he was always willing to help and had an easy-going attitude. He was a good guy who did well to earn the respect of his friends and acquaintances. He will be missed.

    I wish I could have said it to him directly, but anyway... Goodbye.

    No matter where he is or what form he is now in, may he continue to be with the us in the hearts and minds of those he has touched.

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    My heartfelt condolences to the members of Legendary Heroes and the Chaos shard on the loss of one of your shining stars.
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    My condolences to all that knew him. This world, not just the game, suffers a loss when one as helpful and kind as he passes on.

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    Sbr was one of the first people I met , and he always Helped out anyone . He is One of the peope that helped me get into Legendary Heros matter of fact. He was a very good person at heart and a good friend . I am very sad that this has happened . Rest In Peace . My whole hearted condolences go out to his family and friends.

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    I never knew him,

    My sincere condolences from my gf and me, may he rest in peace.

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