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Thread: old player from Wind/Unity

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    Question old player from Wind/Unity


    I stopped playing (after more than 1 year of great enjoyment) because of the lack of content, the difficulty to play with a monk, and all my friend leaving.

    I never player under the reign of EI and now PM.

    But I still believe this game is the base of the best game ever made.

    With the moving of Unity data base (I fear I do not like the name Unitas ), do you know if such ancient character like mine will be transfered as well ?

    BTW I sold my house for 5c before stopping, therefore I only have my main character (spirit disciple 100, shaman 80, healer ?)


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    Well it was said that GN will contact all ex and active players that have a valid email address in unitys account db when the transfer is working, to inform them.
    Those who reply and authorize GN to transfer the personal data, will get their accounts transfered. (till now its not save what all will be included)

    (All other account & personal data that are atm in the US and have been used for the latest email and before are from my point of view illegal and are a violation of the german BDSG and also a violation of regular EU laws)

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    Sadly, there are still no official news about that...
    I wanna be ancient. Why is there no ARoP for Saris?

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    This should help you out a little i hope?
    Royall on Order / Royal_wind_unity, Royall on Chaos
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