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Thread: I'm Not gone...yet...

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    Default I'm Not gone...yet...

    For those that know me on Order...

    Unless there are significant changes (improvements, additions, etc) to Horizons by the time the first of my 6-month sub comes up at the end of April, I will probably not be coming back to the game.

    I've found a new home in EVE: Online. There is so much to do, so much to learn (there is a HUGE Technology/Skill Tree), an even bigger economy, and so many places to visit. YES, there is PvP, but it is neither a requirement nor a forgone conclusion that you will or have to be a part of it.

    If anyone does play EVE already...I go by (Jaric Ivainson, Caldari, usually in or near Jita)

    While I still have high hopes for the potential in Horizons...the lack of progress, the growing animosity between players, and the significant lack of communication from the owners (whoever they are at any given moment), I do not forsee anything good least not enough to keep me here past my renewel dates.

    To all that know/knew me...I will look here in the forums as often as possible to check on things, and know that I will miss you.

    Take care and best wishes to you all, whether that is here in Istaria or elsewhere...wherever your travels might take you.


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    Good luck and best wishes to you, Aaelefein, may you find happy times and good company where ever you go.
    Eileen Mavourneen, Fury of Feladan, Remembers Ilvoldi Evanar

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    Good luck Aae, you will be sorely missed. Good luck with your future gaming adventures!

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    Ah Aaelefein, we knew ye well and you're done too soon . . . .

    Fair winds and following seas to you.
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    Sorry to hear you're possibly going. I hope things do turn around before then to change your mind.

    If not, safe travels, Threadfree skies, and the wind always at your back. May it bring your sails back home.
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    Well, I hope you don't take off for good, but if you do, it was good knowing you and hope you have fun there.
    I regret I have but one life to waste for Istaria!

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    *keeps fingers crossed that Aaelefein finds reasons to stay in horizons*

    I know EVE, its a great game. Even crafter-wise. But it lacks the dragons, they don't fit into the space pilot seats, it seems...
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