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Thread: Joa waves hello....

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    Lightbulb Joa waves hello....

    and wishes a happy new year to all friends from Unity. I wish a good 2007 and a working Unitas for all of us

    Sadly I'm unable to do this ingame as the login asks for payment - which is not possible so I were not able to login after my xmas break.


    Joaqim - Multiclassed God on Unity
    "I'm Immortal, I'm Glorious, I'm Supreme, I'm My Saviour"

    Beleenda - Goddess of Melee
    "Kill 'em all, let God sort them out"

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    *waves hello from Order*

    A happy New Year to you, Joaquim -- may you soon have to change your signature to 'multiclassed God of Unitas'(or whatever the name of that server will be).

    An happy new year of course to each and everyone on every shard!
    snickel wigglsniff (retired) Twilight Crusaders on Unity
    poggle wigglsniff (gnomish crafter and mage) semi-retired on Order
    A gnomish house should not just sit there, it should definitely DO something!

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    Miss you Joa

    Can`hardly wait to see you back

    Happy New Year *hug*

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    Joa there was a lil blargh in the database but luca was so kind corrected it, so you can login again and say hello to us

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    A happy new year, from me, too.
    I wanna be ancient. Why is there no ARoP for Saris?

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    Happy newyear and best wishes to all!
    Safe travels and happy gaming!

    Hurray! Mor
    rison is back at his house near Bristugo!
    And the wisps on wis
    p isle are moving again!
    If you can't see 'em, you know you've got proper invisible runes.

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    Happy new year to you all, lets hope this one is a more successful one for us!
    Shadria: Hatchling 22/24/0 - Intorqueo: Hatchling 5/3/0 - Affina: Saris - Pevil: Ancient Lunus 100/100/57 - Zordraak: Hatchling 5/3/0

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    A happy and healthy new year for everyone! *raises a mug of dwarven ale*
    May Unitas go online quick :-)

    Greetings, an old dwarf
    Fidri Ragnir of Unity, dwarf cleric, amongst the living once again
    Firnas Ragnir of Chaos, elf warrior apprentice

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    Happy new year to all the brave fighters of Unity !!

    And happy new year to the crafters too !
    Ishar Xhaan => Ishar_Wind Xhaan => Imrryr Xhaan Lunus Destroyer
    and his biped slave KalTorak XhaanSlave Ice Disciple
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    Best wishes for 2007!
    Hope to see everyone around soon on our new soil!
    Me and Fidri enjoy us-selves with some Halo atm ;-P

    Royall on Order / Royal_wind_unity, Royall on Chaos
    Dinsdag on EU-Evernight (LOTRO)

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    Default Belated Newyear-wishes

    ... and a hope to see you all on new shard in 2007!

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    Happy New Year Everyone
    "Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!!"

    Fhrain Fireheart
    Dwarven Berserker at Night, Paladin in the Day
    --Pain is Temporary, Glory is Eternal--

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