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Thread: twilight of the gods?

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    OK here it goes.. another veteran steps up tpo the plate, lets see
    if I also get banned, deleted by miss peaches for stating the obvious:

    From what I have read from Peaches she is a person in total denial of truth.

    She knows the difference between "good and wrong" but does actively choose to
    not see the wrongfull behaviour of others. In her case I might say her behaviour begins
    to show signs of "Denial as Another Defense Mechanism"

    "Defenses operate to protect us from uncomfortable or unacceptable self-awareness."

    Almost everyone nowadays knows what it means to say an alcoholic is "in denial." This is the alcoholic who tells himself and the world "I can quit any time I want to." He doesn't quit, though, and doesn't recognize the impact of his drinking on himself or on those who care about him. Denial operates in other circumstances as well; after the death of a loved one, we often find ourselves thinking temporarily as if that person is still a part of our lives. Denial is a complex process whereby we admit conscious knowledge of events but somehow fail to feel their emotional impact or see their logical consequences.

    It might surprise some AA members, who have conquered their own denial but usually have not been helped by traditional psychotherapy, to realize that the concept of denial comes from Freud himself. Whatever we may think of Freudian psychoanalysis in the light of current understanding of mind-body functioning, denial and the other defense mechanisms are concepts articulated by the Freudian school that have proven to be so useful and intuitive that they are unlikely ever to be discarded.

    SO YES,
    Peaches has to temporarely stop moderating and come to terms with her state of denial. It will help her as a person which is more important than the moderation of a virtual reality game.

    ps. if I get deleted for stating the obvious... so be it...
    The Iron Watch
    Ice Server

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    I find it more interesting that even if Peaches were a just and loving moderator, she has caused more grief within the forums by forcing people to bottle up their frustrations. People can't vent, can't rant, can't say anything that may be a perfectly valid observation if it counts under the vague term of "bashing" that Peaches has personally defined. Since EI took over the forum rules have become more and more restrictive, sometimes even being rewritten just so a new post that doesn't violate the rules can be deleted or moved.

    Of course, very few people are aware of most of these occurances, since... well... they've been moderated.
    "We live only ONE REAL DAY, during which we recall false memories of living many more."
    Is it today?

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