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Thread: Farewell Istaria

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    Default Farewell Istaria

    Well, time has come. March is gone and i made up my mind.

    This little construction company named Ashanias Constructions ltd. is breaking down the tents. No Unitas is waiting for me and i cant and wont withstand the necessary work to get back what i lost through the closure of Unity.

    I had a lot of fun. Working for you all, working with you all, fighting side to side with you and dying with you all, was an honor and a pleasure.

    I heard about a place named middleearth. I dont know what waiting there for me. New shores, new experiences and i hope at least half the amount of the folks i did meet around in Istaria.

    I was already missing a lot of you (some of you did chose to stop playing, some abandoned Unity for the more promising order and chaos). To name all of you im missing would make a complete page of names.

    Those who will stay around: Have fun and kill some blights for me.

    * Looking around in the now empty silo. After hesitating for a moment taking the last remaining brick of sandstone out of the silo to put it into the bags of the cargo leggings. Ash shouts: "Guess we got all!! Caravan go. And dont loose load. Those who do will be set to bread and water until the loss is made up!"

    And during the time the caravan is leaving shepherds mountain, behind her flames are roaring consuming the last, once proud buildings, which made Ashs home. *

    Safe travels, have fun and see you around.

    If you will visit middleearth and notice an Ashania, greet her. You have good chances it will be me.

    Yours Ash

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    Default *waves bye*

    No grinning anymore eigh? )

    Cya in middle earth and thx for the hours of fun!

    Greeing from the Netherlands
    Royall on Order / Royal_wind_unity, Royall on Chaos
    Dinsdag on EU-Evernight (LOTRO)

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    How sad, it brought tears to my eyes.
    I wish you a safe journey, a good arival, and a happy life in middleearth.
    *waves bye

    Hurray! Mor
    rison is back at his house near Bristugo!
    And the wisps on wis
    p isle are moving again!
    If you can't see 'em, you know you've got proper invisible runes.

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    *cries too*

    Bye Ash- I`ll never forget the day we made a hatchie fly^^:-((

    THX for everything - I hope to see you again

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    Bye Ash , glad you found a new home.

    Safe travels and have fun in your new world.

    *hands Ash some dwarven ale for the journey, and waves bye*
    Gimbold, Ancient dwarf on Chaos
    Mottle, Ancient dragon on Chaos

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    All the very best for your future life in Middlearth! Remember to poke your nose in here every now and then... })

    Best wishes;


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    Hi all, i played this beautyfull game for 3 years and,at the moment, remain the best game ever!!

    How about the people on unity?
    There are some italian people in game?

    Thx all from Morgawhr, lvl100spearman Sslik

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgawhr

    How about the people on unity?
    There are some italian people in game?
    lol gn has pulled the plug on unity, and ei seems to have no reason to transfer the chars.

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    Wow, poor sslik RIP forever

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    i understand you ashania and i wish you best wishes wherever u go
    no *grin* anymore but i really enjoy and love you and our time we spend time

    best wish again and hope u will enjoy in middleearth

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    Default Re: Farewell Istaria

    bye from me to, it was fine for me to and a ouner to me to.
    I atmit, that i look around to its not so easy if if you Hardware could not involve mutch because of low money.
    It's to sad and as more time passes as more the missing grows in my Heart.
    If i look the past sreanshots makes me missing to see Rakija flying around ( or run away ??? ).
    I dont trust in the future of Unitas so mutch anymore.
    To doe with the sozial behavior at earth -> unity, i feel like leaving a big family.
    I gess i'll never understand way after all EI did not start the Server.
    Now over the month after holding us so long that poeple leave for good they made they self a reason to bat.
    They realy could have a realistic chance.

    As for me i'm looking from time to time back in here and if it mayd happend a miracle Rakija could fly again, ( depending on waiting time ), she will fly again.

    So fare i wish you all a good time at you way and maybee new home and blessing in you life.

    Rakija / Falina / AncienAge / KriegerinOdiens / Babyfly // Xanina... ( smole secounde acc. )

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    Default Re: Farewell Istaria

    Bye babyfly,

    I have no more words left, when I see all those mates leave.

    Take care- I wish you luck

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    Default Re: Farewell Istaria

    no did understand me wrong SORRY, my bye was to the outher how leef, i'm seldem on now because of examens in 2 weeks but i fly as Xanina for the mom on Chaos

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