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Thread: Fae are Dryad offspring??!!

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    Question Fae are Dryad offspring??!!

    I'm sure I am not the first to notice how those Norrathi Fae look astonishinly like us Dryads! How rude! Are they great distant cousins! Some strange genetic off-shoot? What's going on here?! And HOW did they get on Norrath!!??

    Dryads were created here on Istaria!!

    Can anyone offer an explaination on how those creatures that look like us got where they are? I mean WE were here FIRST!

    Weren't we?

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    No butterfly winged Fae have been in storied for a very long time. Dryads should realy not have wings based on myth.

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    Default Re: Fae are Dryad offspring??!!

    UXO was going to have winged pixies, before it was canned, and yeah, as RL folklore goes, Dryads are tree spirits, and have never been portrayed as having wings.
    I think it was because TG didn't have the rights to use Pixie or something.

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