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    I was passing here and want to give a huge kiss to all my istarian friends!!!
    Paolo - Kenpa - Unity shard
    Guild "I protettori dell'antico codice"
    100 Paladin - Reaver - Mage - Druid - Healer - Spiritist - Conjurer / currently building Guardian
    Many Dragon's eye-teeths on his Zealot

    Shudian Gun - Unity Shard
    True lunus making its A.R.o.P.
    57M of hoard (thanks to Paolo )

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    Paolo, dear friend,

    so good to read you here! At least I know now, that you`re doin`fine.

    All my best wishes, and a big kiss from me, and a big hug sends Flame.

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    Heyho been like an age since i posted here so i thought id say hi im on WoW atm on the Bloodhoof server playing as Yiazmat so if any1 is there just say hi etc..i still think us peeople of unity were updates for like a year..will keep checking back mind you to see if hz can be resurrected from the underworld

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