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    I've had a fair amount of construction work come my ways since I've returned to Istaria. I believe it would be helpful for plot owners to post the work they have available or simply a notice to contact them for work.
    On the same token, it wouldn't hurt for the workers to post that their Looking For Work.

    I'm building a shanty town right now but as a future work reference:


    64 Carpenter
    53 Mason
    46 Enchanter
    30 Fitter
    29 Weaver
    Chaos Kryu-Saris
    33 Druid,40 Cleric,17 Warrior,8 Mage,64 Carpenter, 54 Mason, 54 Enchanter, 43 Fitter, 31 Weaver
    Moragon-Dragon : 63 Adv, 47 DRCA, 13 LS

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    I'm looking for low level biped construction work (unpaid is fine, I just want a project..)

    or T1-T3 dragon lair work ... but that has to be paid work :P
    Bobda Bilda (Chaos) - - what takes up most of my spare time now..

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