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    Hello all. Probably don't remember me. I had stoped playing when Tulga sold the game and the new company ran it into the ground So how is the game running? Has the new company announced any drastic changes at all?

    Just checking in

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    yea, I left at the same time. But theres change in the winds and I'm back. I'm glad to see you around.
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    The new company hasn't done anything but drive the game into the ground, but lately someone or something called "Horizons CS" has been acting competent all of a sudden. I would stay tuned until all the recent communication either turns out to be more rhetoric or something substantial.
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    Smile Re: Hello, again

    I have logged in occasionally over the past year... just to see how things were. It made me sad.

    I have silently read the forums, and kept my head low. It made me sad as well.

    But now...
    Personally, I see the words of Horizons_CS as refreshing and full of hope, whether it be a brief breeze, or merely the beginning of a new wind of change. Either way, I am not going to question something so beautiful after such a long period of gloom.

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    Cool. Thanks for the info. I really hope things come around. I still love this game and all of it's elements. And with all the WoW and Guild Wars knock offs floating around. The MMO communities can ill afford to lose a game like this.

    I often dream of getting back to the Order Shard and getting my humble little lair up and running again. But untill then *bounds back into Eve Online*

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    Come on back. Aside from the doom and gloom of the past year, we're STILL here, we've STILL got new people joining up, starting new guilds, asking questions, and needing help from the community. Rumors are flying about what's going on and hints have been laid out hither and yon. How much is true and how much is speculation I don't know. But I do know this. We've had returns from LOTRO and WoW and Vanguard saying that our community here beats what they've got there.

    I'll take that compliment any day!
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    The only major change was terminating Blight and Unity, I really wish Horizons CS would answer what, if anything, is going to happen to the characters on those servers, I for one would be more then willing to pay again if just a single of my characters could get put on a server that is up.
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    same here!!

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    I'll add my voice at this.
    Something interesting may be done with those two database (Blight and Unity).
    Even if the shard built becomes a test shard, I'm sure players would come back anyway

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