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    Remember when posting that these forums are for public viewing and should be kept "family friendly". As such, profanity and vulgarity is not acceptable, this includes by implication by using *** in place of the letters in such a word.

    When responding to another poster, treat them as though they were standing in front of you and you were speaking in public to them. If you wouldn't say something to the person face to face, do not say it on the forum or in a PM to them.

    Post your thoughts in the appropriate forum or topic. This allows the conversation that is a thread to flow rather than being derailed by off topic, or new topics, on posts. Likewise when considering starting a new topic, look to see if others have the same thoughts as you and post on the thread they started rather than start a new one.

    Keep your signature file and images to a reasonable size. While we all like to display our creativity, large images in sig files only cause the forums to load slowly and take up space. Look at the size of other sig images and compare to your own for guidelines.

    Show respect for others who post on the forums. Remember that the moderators, developers and other players are real people. While passion for Horizons is great, passionate attacks on the people who make Horizons, or are a part of this community, are not.

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    Default Re: Forum Rules

    In an effort to be clearer in our expectations of what the above rules mean, we've come up with a list of do's and do not's. While this is not a complete list, and our staff have the right to use their own judgment regarding the contents of posts on these forums, they do serve as a more specific set of guidelines for both those posting and moderating on the forums. We appreciate you bearing with us while we work to create the sort of community that we are looking for on the Horizons forums.

    Spam links will not be tolerated. Accounts created solely for the purpose of “spamming” the forums will be banned from further posting.

    Vulgarity in any form will not be tolerated. Vulgarity includes references to violent or sexual acts, pornography, and would be blocked by the in game language filter. References to illegal activities such as drug abuse, violent acts, sex acts, or refer to bodily functions are considered vulgar and will not be tolerated. This includes images as well as words, as well as using *** and part of a word to imply such words. If something is illegal by US rules, then it shouldn't be talked about on the forums, either specifically or by indirect reference.

    Flaming someone on the forums is not acceptable. Flaming is defined on wikipedia as: the act of posting deliberately hostile messages on the Internet. Flame baiting is also not acceptable. While disagreeing with someone is perfectly acceptable, do so by stating your own opinions, not attacking someone else's. Avoid using portions of someone else's post in disagreeing with them so as to not direct your disagreement at them, but to express your own opinion instead.

    Derogatory comments toward another poster will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to someone's race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual preference. This includes by implication. It is not acceptable to degrade another poster simply to make your own point. Racial/ethnic slurs and allusions are never acceptable.

    Grievances and problems with other members of the Istaria community, be they from the forums or in game, should be discussed in private only. If discussing a problem between the parties involved does not lead to a resolution, contacting a moderator or filing a support ticket is the next step, not posting on the forums. This includes posts which don't "name names" but imply an issue with a member or members of the community. Such posts will be deleted and the poster will be asked to discuss the matter privately.

    Similarly reposting contents of communications which were private, either through direct quotes or in summary, is disrespectful toward those who are involved in the conversation. If you wish to talk about a conversation which was held via emails, private messages, the support system, or chat, seek permission from the person you were speaking with before posting.

    State your opinion on a topic once. There's no need to return and keep restating the same opinion repeatedly. Doing so usually leads to you violating one of the above two rules and will cause your further posts to require moderation. Accept that others are allowed to disagree with the opinions you stated and move on. Likewise, when posting opinions, post only your own. Please be respectful and do not speak for others, make assumptions about others, or otherwise “put words into someone else's mouth” when expressing your own thoughts.

    If a thread exists on a topic, use that topic to post your thoughts and questions. Having multiple threads on the same topic is confusing for everyone. If you have a question it's often the same as what others either have asked, or are thinking of asking, and so it is much easier to answer the question once than on multiple threads. Discussions work the same way.

    Topic “derailing” is not acceptable. This means that if your post is going to cause further posts after it to be off the original topic, the moderator has the option to move the post to a new thread, or remove it in order to keep the thread on topic.

    Using the forums as a form of advertising is not allowed. The forums are for discussion about Istaria and Istaria related topics. Links to websites which somehow promote other games, products, and websites will be removed by the moderators and the discretion of the moderator. The exception to this is websites about Istaria such as blog sites or player guides where the purpose of the site is to promote and support the community.

    Signatures containing text should be no more that 500 characters and 4 lines. Graphics should be no more that 500 pixels wide, no more than 100 pixels high, and no more that 20K in total file size. You can only have one graphic in your signature. There shouldn't be any animated graphics in the signature at all. Custom Avatars may be no more than 80 pixels wide, 80 pixels high, and 20K in file size.

    Discussions regarding moderation of topics, board rules, or the posts of others should be in personal messages to the moderators only. Forum posts questioning moderation will be considered as “moderator baiting” and will be removed immediately. The ability to post on the forums is a privilege, not a right, and moderators have the final say in what is and is not acceptable. Repeatedly posting on the public forums regarding moderation will result in forum accounts being closed.

    Consequences for violating any of the above rules will be to have the portion of your post removed by a moderator. Moderators will make every effort to send you a private message (PM) explaining what rule was violated and why your post was edited.

    Posts which contain nothing but rule violations will be removed rather than edited at the moderators discretion.

    Repeated violation of the above rules will result in temporary suspension of posting privileges. Attempting to post on a different account, or having someone else post for you, during a temporary suspension will result in permanent banning from posting on the forums.
    Last edited by Velea; June 27th, 2012 at 12:44 PM. Reason: Clarified and modified some rules

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    Default Re: Forum Rules

    When posting an image in a thread, please be do not post large images and covert what you are posting to a .jpg file to save space and reduce loading times of the forums. Images deemed too large for the forums will be converted to URL links or removed completely if they can not be converted.

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