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    I've searched the forum several times now with different combinations of words and I still can't seem to find any information on starting out with lairshaping. What levels can one begin? Where does one get the quests? I even had a look on the quest database and couldn't find much there.

    Since there's been a influx of new hatchlings of late (including myself) it would be fab of some of this could be gone over - I know it's probably well old news to most of you lot, but I always played biped up to this point and I know bog-all about lairs.

    Ta much in advance.

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    Once you reach level 22 of Dragon Crafter, I think as it is a odd skill level required in base crystal shaping, Talk to the Craft Masters. They will send you to the Far North of Dralk to talk to the newly woken Lair Craft trainers to begin your career as a Laircrafter.

    To reach them it is a long and dangerous run for one that can not fly. If you open your map and look far to the north of Dralk almost due north you should see the last most northernly road running east and west. Just below that road resting against it will be a mountain with a dark crater shown on your map. Along that road at the base of that mountain is the entrance........ If I remember correctly. *Sticks a claw in my ear and swirls it around pulling out some cobwebs and a live spider.* as you can see I have slept for a time.

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    That sounds about right Deth, If you're running along the road you'll probably notice the bit dragon shaped gate (the Gate of Embers?) at teh top of a mountain on the right side of the road first. The lairshaper trainer's lair is directly across the road from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deth View Post
    To reach them it is a long and dangerous run for one that can not fly.
    It's not a dangerous run at all. Follow the road north of Dralk till you get to the jade gem nodes, fall down the cliff, run to the road, then head west-ish on it till you get to a cave on your left. (There are no mobs in sight till you get right up next to the lair. I did this run on a level 12 (adv) hatchie with no problems whatsoever...other than being a pita long run.)

    And you need a base skill of 170 gemworking.

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    Ta for that. I've still a fair way to go, but it's useful to know that bit about the gemshaping as I still have to do the quests for that - just sorting out all the crafting quests and other quests takes a fair bit of time so I'll be doing that.

    I'll probably start faffing with the New Trismus lair as it's all Tier 1 and seems good practice - I may do the same with the other starter lairs in the newbie areas if I get such a wild hair; Johnny Dragonseed, me.

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    Yes the fastest way to level up dragon lairshaping and crystalshaping (is that what its called, gosh I forget...) is to apply the stuff you make ONTO people's lairs.

    Also realize that in Dralk and Chiconis are plenty of player lairs that would gladly take your contributiosns well - and they'll go towards building up community access stations etc.

    I know my lair behind the Chiconis Shrine still has plenty of tier I and II stuff to be put onto it - its open for any and all to give - and always will be. Just cuz I love to help out those trying to build up their skills...(annnd I hate I'm slow...rofl).

    I have several storage vaults that are the perfect size for hatchy dens as well, feel free to move in anytime you need a safe place to rest .
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    Also the Dralk Lair has plenty of T1-T4 stuff on the Community Lair Grand Hall left to do. Just think you could help your community as well as you self. That and thier is a nice metal Shop in there with storage that offers a nice bonus to work from as well as a gem shop.

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    Righto, I've still got a fair way away before I can start lairshaping but I'm doing the homework early as I'd rather not bork my character and have no way of fixing it. Ta for that!

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    In case you were unaware...crafting resources for lair shaping does not require you to be a dragon crafter, but it is highly recommended to do so. You gain experience building the base resources, then you switch to lair shaper to make the final product and for appying it to your lair, and make experience for that as well. This will make it so that you can earn experience in both classes and be able to craft higher tier rooms as you progress.

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    There is a beginning lairshaping guide on the page linked in my sig.
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    My lair just due east of Kirasanct needs lair work (in Chaos) and it has all dragon machines at T2. I would be glad to accomodate to your needs if you're willing to do it, and there'll maybe even be a monetary award in it.
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