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Thread: Taking a leave?

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    Default Taking a leave?


    I have sadly to say that Horizons left me.

    Not that I wanted to leave Horizons, but one day I launched the game and it just told me "ERROR GGGRRRRZZZZBBBBNNFFF!" and I was no more.

    Now I am a ghost, haunting every forum, condamned to circle here and there, troll here and there, rant here and there.

    I am one of many, undead but not Withered Aegis, longing for our souls to be freed and finally have a rest or possibly to be resurrected *undead puppy eyes*

    Heck, even my plot is undead, and you don't want to know how bad and evil an undead gazebo is.

    Not to talk about undead siloses. They are rumored to have stacks of undead children!
    Vahrokh Vain - Ancient dragon level 100 adv 100 craft 34M of untainted, fireworks and other crap free hoard.
    Isarion - Reaver Healer Spiritist, many craft classes.

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    Hey undead dragonsy, now try to hoard this undead gnome! *giggles and casts undead boom! (the antimatter version that is)*

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    aarrggh- that is YOU Vahrokh, outthere in the dark..?
    good to know
    now I can put away all that garlic and the silverblades^^

    *sprays some "Shalimar"behind her big violet ears*

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    am sad to say that its my goodbye to Horizons.. i want to still play so badly. but i dont think i will be able to afford it anymore. RL has made some complications and i knew i could not play once the billing system was working again.... sadly i could not say my farewell in my game.. and i dont believe i will see aguas wings flap one last time... you can still contact me via my yahoo. or my hotmail. ill be around ... *HUGS CLOSE ALL HER FRIENDS AND PEOPLE OF ISTARIA* may ur wings, beat as proud as ur heart. and may your swords stay sharp.

    much love

    Agua Rush



    May the wind brush under your wings....

    and may you know you are finally home...

    To the Skies.....


    (i didnt notice this forum before lol so here my goodbye again)

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    Awww sorry to see you leave Agua *sniffles* hopefully you will be able to return to us, we wish you well hun *hugs*
    May the power and wisdom of Drulkar lead us all on the path to victory against the Withered Aegis...

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