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    ^_^ Hi, I'm new to the game! I hope to make myself a permanent player of the game; looks great and it's a nice break from all those other MMOs that offer only humans/elves or the like.

    I forgot where I saw it so I'll ask it here: what's the difference between Chaos, Order, Unity and Blight?
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    hi jun!! glad to see a new face! think you will like the place, lots of good folk around!
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    Glad to have you join us! ^^ Well to answer your question....
    Blight- This is a public testing shard. Please be aware that a subscriber playing on Blight is doing so at their own risk. Although we will not execute mass player wipes on Blight, we reserve the right to manipulate all data stored on Blight to fit within the parameters of the testing environment. Participants on Blight will see all new features that fit within the regular update process first, as well as interact with anonymous developers. (and from what I hear, it has a really close and tight community ^^)
    Chaos- This is a standard-play shard. (and home to the great guild: Timeless! *giant grin*)
    Order-This is a role-playing enforced shard.
    Unity-.........ummmm if it wasn't currently........dead it would be a standard-play shard and mostly populated by European players. (former homeworld to some of the most patient players around this side of Istaria that is for sure!)

    Hope you have a loooooooooong stay with us. ^^ *waves wings*
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    Welcome to Istaria! Don't be afraid to ask questions -- everyone was a newbie at some point, and they remember what that felt like.

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    Trust me, I will, although I can be borderline stupid ^_^ (I have no experience with downloading games; friends always gave me burned copies). So I'm still a little lost at the moment.

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    Take a look at the biped and dragon guides in my sig; hopefully that will help you get unlost. Also, please join chat channels and ask for help from experienced players. Most of us enjoy taking time out from whatever we're working on to help new players along.
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    Hmm, that isn't as much of a problem as just trying to get the game on Vista. I knwo there are ways around the capablity issues, even if a game states it's nto capable.. It's just figuring out what to change (my case I'm not sure what's even wrong to begin with).

    Hopefully I'll figure it out and be joining in the game.

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    Disclaimer: I don't use Vista. I haven't tried the advice I'm about to point you to.

    The Consistently Working Under Vista thread may provide you with the answers you need. I'd read the whole thread first, as people have suggested different things to try.
    Exploring is a necessary skill, and its not like death is fatal. At least, not for the gifted.

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