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Thread: Does Pekka's Map Pak still work/ being updated?

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    Default Does Pekka's Map Pak still work/ being updated?

    Hello, I've just returned to Hz and I'm not sure which map pak to use anymore. I used to use Pekka's map pak but the last thread on it was like in 06 or 05 so is it still working? And if so, Is it still being worked on and updated regularly? I hope so, It was such a nice map. If not then should I use that map by Cobalt? Is that one different or just picked up from where Pekka left off? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Does Pekka's Map Pak still work/ being updated?

    The Map pack 3.2 has picked up where Pekka left off.
    be sure to read the last pages of the thread, the installation method has changed apparently.
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    Default Re: Does Pekka's Map Pak still work/ being updated?

    interestingly enough I still have the same issue I used to have with pekka's map pack..

    works brilliantly the first time after I've installed it. The MAP works great after that too.. BUT I can only see half the resources and can't click the filter resources buttons as half of them aren't there (but they were when the map pack first installed).

    I'll try to get a screenie..
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    Default Re: Does Pekka's Map Pak still work/ being updated?

    Sounds like some of the map definition and map screen definition files have been overwritten due to patching or checking for updates. I remember having to write myself a little batch file that would recopy the Map Pack files over the patched versions after every patch day. Don't remember exactly which files though.

    I remember that the old devs (Pre EI) were peeking at it but couldn't off hand figure out an elegant solution due to the way the engine worked and the way that the Resources Override didn't seem to be kicking in. I might be behind though.

    No worries about the age of the thread. Basically nothing had changed since the EI purchase so there was no need to update the map pack. (Sad but true).


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    Default Re: Does Pekka's Map Pak still work/ being updated?

    i have loaded pack in ok...some of the information is incorrect..not a problem
    But the new symbols are not in the add/editor,just the original do i get access to the new ones?
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