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    Default Fall Festival

    Has anyone heard anything official on if fall festival will return this year?

    Being fairly new to Istaria I'm not very sure when the festival was last held and how long it will last.

    Thank you for any information.

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    Being as it should be pretty easy for them to re-patch in it most likely it will go in.

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    Amadan had some pretty spiff stuff going on even for EI's last year and Tulga's the year before that. Lots of stuff to collect. Some nice places to hunt in addition to what's normally there. A really fun haunted area south of Dalimond.

    Oh and don't forget all the confectioner goodies, masks and pumpkin pants!
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    When abouts did it fall last time? A week before Halloween? How long did it last?

    I've got a bonding to plan for and I'm hoping to have it during festival times but not on the very first day as many will be want to go trick or treating.


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