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Thread: Unity -> order or chaos?

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    Default Re: Unity -> order or chaos?

    speaking as a na person who was in a similiar situation not that long ago, i was never unhappy about unityites coming to play with us on the na shards. i never felt that they should be treated any differently from na players in any way, and that was my point. i am not even against plot tokens for equal value of plots (not even at auction prices) - what i was opposed to was that plot tokens would trumped all/any cash offer. this is not fair to anyone, be they eu or na player.
    just because you couldn't play for x amount of months is not a mitigating factor to my mind. new players or non income generating players would not get tokens and they wouldn't have had the time to make plot coin either. there are ways to make money or to obtain loans or workoff agreements.

    i have and do welcome anyone with a true and sincere desire to play this game to the na shards, whichever one you pick. i advise all players, since we know that plot reclaims are coming, now that our unity kin are arriving, to take a tour of the lands. attune to the ports, check out the settlements, look at a number of plots in different locations and judge the pros and cons. obtain a real estate agent if you need to (i did on blight when i started looking for a bigger home) to show you prime locations that fit your list of what you want. you do have your requires/wants/would be nice list, don't you?
    i know the live shards have a economy, so if you don't have a lot of money, the key on blight is friendship. do not limit to race, level, or guild - you may be surprised as to the value someone may have! if your roleplaying will not allow you to make friends with someone, try to make friends with a friend of theirs.....

    anyway, i was never angry and i was never anti-unity. ry, our most beloved of subjects, and thum - inspiration for our royal garden, and our new loyal subject rougee, are only 3 of the unityites who grace our realm with thier glorious presence, and i am looking forward to meeting more in the coming months and years. welcome to blight - rest assured we have many many plots of all shapes and sizes in all areas of the realm you may desire!
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    Default Re: Unity -> order or chaos?

    Thank you Velveeta,
    and Thank You all who greeted us welcome.

    The kindness and friendship and implicitness I was naturalized- I did not expect that, and esteemed it much. Even people from blight- where I do not play- send me pm`s-and reassured me, and offered comfort when the fate of Unity was insecure.

    I play more than one year on Chaos now, and some month on order-
    I NEVER had the feeling, that ANYBODY or even a special guild is hostile
    towards expressly Unitarians.

    There might be dissensions concerning boss mobs or other issues,
    or single persons who`s opinions concerning Unitarian ISSUES were offending-
    (and I asume not on purpose )
    but I never experienced anything like discrimination, cause I`m Unitarian.

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    Default Re: Unity -> order or chaos?

    Hayl thee,

    so, it seems, it is true, we people from Unity waiting for so long times will get the chance to come back to Istaria. Yes for sure, yes we will do.
    For me and all my family and I can say, that we stand and fight at Order against the Withered Aegis.
    Hayl Istaria, that was a long time ago! Here we are!

    (Osgoroth, the friendly neighborhood blue Dragon; Grizzly-Thurion, the beerdrinking Craftdwarf; Rhuul Ashad, the gallant Fiend full of life and me Eldryr, simply Eldryr )

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