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    First, this is not a debate over the existence of an IRC channel. There is one. End of discussion. As of this posting, no known HZ devs visit that channel. Don't get your hopes up! Do, however, come and hang out if you're bored.

    For the most part, it's quiet... quieter than dragon chat on Blight! There are moments of activity, it just depends on who's in there and how long you wait for a response.

    Getting there:
    If you have an IRC client, point it at and join #horizons

    If you don't have one or don't want to install one, I have a web-based client over on This isn't Java, it's pure http. More info here.

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    Sticky-ing (not a word, I know) the thread so people can find the information, as otherwise it might get lost.

    Thanks, Steelclaw, for getting an http version working.

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