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Thread: Looking for advice on my Lair

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    Default Looking for advice on my Lair

    I've been considering changing the layout of my lair and with yesterday's patch, it became more attractive to do it now, so I'm needing some advice from the more experienced dragons out there

    My lair is a 4x5x6 in Harro, which is sparsely populated on Chaos, so I originally planned my lair to be pretty self sufficient - all machines, vault, consigner, etc.

    Currently I have all the machine chambers on level 0 and 1, but they are all T1/T2. I find that I don't use the machines as much as I thought I would. For the T1/T2 work I've mostly been doing so far, it's easiest to make the items in the field and recall back to the lair to apply them. Is that something that will change at higher Tiers?

    If I'm not going to use the machines, I'll replace them with more storage, but if it's advantageous or more effecient at higher Tiers to use lair machines, I'll upgrade them to higher Tiers in the rebuild (I have some T4/T6 libraries and chambers planned at lower levels).

    Thanks for any advice you can send my way

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    Default Re: Looking for advice on my Lair

    You'll find that you'll be going farther in fields to get resources and will likely want a place to come to after making processed goods, gathering unprocessed resources, and having the storage to have it in one spot to make and place as you go.

    So, say, tier 3 stuff. Glowing wisps are not generally found very near to gold. Amber azulyte is in the Tazoon mine. Steel is in Acul. Granite, gems and steel are in Aughundell. Gold is by Kirasanct. Glowings are hiding in the Acul oak field and on the Isle of Wisp and over in Heather. See how centralized crafthalls and storage space on your plot WILL make a difference later?
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    Default Re: Looking for advice on my Lair

    I have most the crafting chambers on different levels with storage by each. In full production I have my recall set to my hall and stuff the storage units full. Very convenient!
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    Default Re: Looking for advice on my Lair

    Thanks for everyone who replied. I redid my lair and now have T4 machines planned. Got them all on the first 3 levels, with silos nearby for each one. After reading the replies here and talking to a couple of elder lairshapers in game, I agree that it looks best to keep the machines available. I'm upgrading them from T1/T2 to T4 in the redesign though

    Thanks again!!

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