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Thread: So, how to grind craft now that lodestones are out of the question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanain View Post
    er so I shouldn't lvl DCRA on spellshards?
    Depends on your craft level. Beginning levels of DRCA are slow and tough, making spells is best. You get exp making the bricks, more exp making the spellshards, more exp making the spells, and yet more exp deconning the spells. At optimal you get 50% of the shards back, and can make more spells from those, repeating the make/decon process till only a few shards are left. Beyond tier 1 spells still work, but it's more difficult due to 2 resources needed. But leveling crafting on 2 resource items can be more efficient depending on the things available to you such as convenient storage and processing machines near the resources.

    Example: a plot in mithril's anvil on the north edge is close to both marble and mithril. Making bricks and bars, filling a silo with each, then making health scales can be super efficient and gives greater exp than having used the same amount of resources making dex scales (metal) and power scales(stone). the exp for items requiring 2 resources is sometimes more than double a single resource item (1.67x in a recent study I did. But I am already beyond optimal skill on all items tested which affects results). If you got a plot handy in that area then health scales for t5 is the way to go. Check out the exp on health wings for example (all tiers).

    If you got a plot to use east of mahagra, then t3 spells could possibly be efficient depending on the placement of the plot. If it's close to both the granite and the glowing wisps there, and has stoneworking and a scholar shop (tends to be the case when those are the resources nearby) then when you just become optimal on the t3 spells do those. Blight ward when early in the tier, Fiery Strike for later in the tier.

    When to switch spells depends on your current skill which affects crafting efficiency (# of resources used per combine).

    To determine when to switch to the more difficult items (Fiery Strike vs Blight Ward, or Wing scales vs Chest scales), you need to calculate how much exp per resource you are getting.

    If you were in the situation described above making t3 spells, you would make a single spell and auto deconstruct it. (exp from spell + exp from decon) / (resources used to make the spell - resources recovered during the decon) = exp/resource. The higher the better. Make 1 of each spell and do this calculation each time you ding a craft level. Same process can be used for scales as well, single or dual resource ones. Chest scales are the easy to make scales of the tier, wings the difficult ones (more skill needed). Keep in mind that making something that can be boosted by a shop bonus will likely put in range of the higher skill-needed items sooner which are always better exp. Dragons get spellcraft skill boost from biped scholars desk, but you will not get scalecrafting skill boost at an anvil. [Too bad a scaleforge cannot be placed upon a biped plot, even if a dragon with DLSH has to do all the construction. I could see how this could benefit guilds. Helian version Scalleforge only :P ]

    Basically you grind craft the way it's always been done. Lodestones cannot be deconstructed, but may still be useful for leveling DLSH. You might want to make 10,000 or so lodestones from each tier and store them until you start working on lairshaper. Going back and forth between DRCA and DLSH could work if you have limited storage at your disposal.

    If you have no available storage at your disposal, then the suggestions from everyone else to make single resource items is the way to go. Burn it all up each trip.
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