Yesterday afternoon there were a series of old posts that were reported to the moderators because of an inappropriate image in them. These images were part of the signature file for the posters. After a bit of research on my part, and with some help from a friend, it became clear that the commonality between them was the blue background "Support Unity" signature image used by many players. The hosting site for this image had been redirected to a different site.

In order to remove the image as soon as possible from the forums, I manually edited each of the signature files that had that link to remove the image entirely. As this changed the signature of a few dozen forum members, mostly Unity players, I wanted to explain here why the change was made. I've contacted the owner of the original hosting site to let them know about the unintended redirect. If you are one of the ones effected by the change and can find a different host for the link, feel free to add it back to your signature. It was not the original image, but the redirected one, which was inappropriate.

Thanks for understanding