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Thread: Advice on Fighting Scales for a Helian

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    Default Advice on Fighting Scales for a Helian

    If I don't go insane first, I will hit 100 in DCRA in the next couple of days. At that time I want to make myself a good set of fighting scales to help level my DRAG school (currently 63).

    I'm Helian, and have split training points evenly between STR and Primal to this point.

    Anyone have advice on a good set of general purpose (not mob-specific) fighting scales to help with me with leveling the adventure school?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide

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    Default Re: Advice on Fighting Scales for a Helian

    Well, if you're focusing on casting, you're going to rely mostly on the multiple enemy bonus for your XP gain. This means lots of armor. Lots. You're going to get pounded every which way. Armor base.

    Power and Primal will help with your damage, and you'll want to use teched spells, so start putting more TP into primal.

    As for the rest, some armor sockets are good to have, as well as a couple str+tnc scales, for those times when you want to go whack things with your claws.

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    Default Re: Advice on Fighting Scales for a Helian

    Thanks Steelclaw. Based on your suggestions, I started messing with HCC. Here's what I have as a first pass:

    2 x Mithril-Marble Armor Wing Scale (Velocity V, Speed V, Strength V),
    Mithril-Marble Armor Tail Scale (Primal V, Tooth and Claw V, Power V),
    2 x Mithril-Marble Armor Hindleg Scale (Tooth and Claw V, Primal V, Strength V),
    Mithril-Marble Armor Head Scale (Dragon Breath V, Power V, Primal V),
    2 x Mithril-Marble Armor Foreleg Scale (Armor Socketing, Armor Socketing, Strength V),
    Mithril-Marble Armor Chest Scale (Armor Socketing, Power V, Health V)
    Mithril-Marble Armor Back Scale (Strength V, Tooth and Claw V, Primal V),

    Any suggestions for changes? Would it help to put more health on any of these?

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    Default Re: Advice on Fighting Scales for a Helian

    First, don't mix casting techs with melee techs on the same scale. At some point, you'll want to try a pure melee or pure casting scale set -- and you'll have to remake the whole set. Try to keep each individual scale a "melee" or "casting" scale, then you only need to make a few scales to complete the set.

    As for health, I wouldn't bother with the tech slot. There are SO many ways to get health. (socketed crystals, consumed crystals, potions, buffs...)

    So what do you do with the third slot? Not sure! Dragon breath could be interesting, I've never tried boosting that skill. (Has anyone tried it? Anything good?) Focus/Dex could also be used there, or wards/resists for common or really annoying damage types. *wants an overall stun ward*

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