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Thread: Drakul Outbound-Portal

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    so, what say we band together and get that sucker built? entrance is at 17309.6 by 29557.3


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    I was out there looking at it tonight. It's all T1 stuff, just lots of it. I'll be working on it as I can, since a guildmate has a lair right near there

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    Drakul portal is now open.

    I ment to get a screenie once inside.. but I was a bit too hyped and forgot. Come and see for yourself though. Looks great and the list selection is very nice. (Though you have to be seriously all up on it to use it or it says your "too far away to port")

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    Awesome! I saw what needed done last night (mostly everything). I logged in this morning to take a load of IBBs out there and everything was done but the lattice. Good job

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