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    Hello all,

    My ingame name is Woushi and I play on Blight.

    Any way, I'm level 23 now and so far I've played Lunus style. That is my tooth and claw training is maxed and I have split my other points between strength and dexterity. Strength to up damage, dex to up armor and evassion. All of my armor is strength based with tooth and claw techs.

    I use my breath weapon in nearly every fight, I also use some of the casted abilities too, but for leveling sake I mostly melee things down.

    I have two questions:

    - At what level can you start the Rights of Passage quest? I've heard it could be as early as level 32 but the walk through I grabbed from the forums say level 90. Also it says your horde has to be 240k. Can I get some clarification on this?

    - If I pick the Lunus could I tech my scales to up my primal? That is, be Lunus aligned but spend my training points and tech my gear to basically be a hybrid of Lunus and Helian or vise versa?

    The second question is meant to give me clarity on how to play my dragon and where to spend my points and how to make my scales.
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    LVL 90 is AROP not ROP ,
    I was thinking hoard had to be 300k or so
    yes you can tech your scales how ever you want them.
    I would not spend a lot of training points on any one thing just yet personally , I would wait till you have all your quest up to lvl 30 done both adv and craft.
    try fighting with melee scales or primal scales depending if you want to zap or wack-a-baddie then decide if your missing a lot (focus) getting hit a lot (dex) not hitting hard enough (str) not prime bolting or casting enough damage (power/primal) not getting enough resources per dig (dex/str) and so on, pretty much , and alt I make I just try to keep his health over the lvl of basic mob I'm fighting (non-named) a lot of the time , i don't monk w/ training points till around lvl 80 on a dragon and tweak him with crystals or scales to do what I want w/ that alt , and if he is still not performing like he should
    then I play with training points.
    If you can get someone to gift you with say gift of strength and you wack-a-baddie better then add strength , if gift of dex helps ,, and so on.
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    RoP requirments are lvl 30 adv, lvl 25 craft, 250k hoard. But you'll need to be higher lvl in craft to complete it. Also, at lvl 30 adv you won't be able to do much yourself and will have to rely on others during the battles.

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    thought it was 20 craft Zex, unless its changed since I did mine. But either way, even with teched scales you'd need at least 32 craft to be able to make the items yourself I believe.
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    Yes it is Craft 20, If your going Lunus, which is sounds you are you should be able to get by at crafter 32. Also try amour scales those are considered better then any other scale for combat.

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    Wow, thank you all for the great pointers. I now have plenty to work for and lot's of new things to try.
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    Hi Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhii ii!
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